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"We will get home to Argon; that is more than my promise, it is our fate."

Acturus Starspanner, Captain of the stranded crew of the Starship Defiant.


Life on Argon

Acturus Starspanner was born to Maurice and Yvette Starspanner on La Barre, the planets largest continent, in 746 G.D. He dreamed of joining the Argon Space Explorers League, but failed his first entrance exam. He was subsequently admitted and became the first freshman to win the A.S.E.L marathon. Starspanner's academic training in harsh terrain survival was noted sevel times by his teachers. Shortly after graduation, he was stabbed in the heart by a raving Ogron, leaving the organ irreparable and requiring replacement with a parthenogenetic implant. Starspanner eventually served as first officer aboard the A.S.E.L Stargazer, and later commanded the ship. During that time, he invented a starship combat maneuver that would become known as the Starspanner manouver.

The great disillusionment

Starspanner was awarded command of the A.S.E.L Defiant after the destruction of the Stargazer by an overwhelming Ogron forge. He served as the captain for three years before a mission to Mygamma Four would change everything. He was due to intercept a few retreating Ogron vessels who had launched at attack on an Argon outpost. When his ship came across them, they were in dire straights with multiple hull-breeches from their previous encounter.

Rather than destroy them outright, Starspanner planned to spare the ships, repairing them enough to keep them space-worthy, and then tow them back to Argon for trial. It was when they landed on Mygamma Four to facilitate these repairs that tragic events were set in motion. Upon landing planet-side, Starspanner's crew detected an Argon outpost on the planet. Curious, they investigated. What they found was a concentration camp that had been set up for Ogron slaves. The attackers hadn't been escaping to here, this was their destination. They were coming to free their people, and they were attacked.

Starspanner met with the leader of the camp, one Tyrondus Voidglare, who assured him that everything was above board. Tyrondus was a high-ranking officer back on Argon, and he told Acturus that this 'project' had the full support of the A.S.E.L - Arcturus didn't agree. When he threatened to tell the Argon government, Tyrondus reacted harshly. He opened fire on Starspanner and his crew, who were barely able to make it space-side alive.

They raced back to their homeworld, but Tyrondus had already sent word through: Starspanner, his crew and the Defiant were to be blasted from space for crimes against Argon! When the guardian ships opened fire, Starspanner ordered his engineers to take them to warp. They needed some distance so as to regroup and work out how they were going to deal with this, and they certainly weren't going to open fire on Argonians who thought they were doing the right thing!

Unfortunately, upon entering warp, the Defiant's drive engines were blasted by laser fire. There was a bright flash and the Defiant was no more...

Coming to Azeroth

...or so everyone thought. Billions of miles away, the Defiant re-entered space above an class 8 planet. With no other option, Starspanner ordered the crew to put down. Unfortunately, the planet had some strange aura that disrupted the Defiant's scanners; that, coupled with the damaged engines, made the ship a falling rock. It was thanks to the brilliant skills of the pilot that the crew managed to survive at all!

The ship fell into the lake in Coldridge Valley, and the crew had to scramble to the surface before it froze over again. Cold and wet, the remaining crew would now have to forge a temporary life on this planet if they hoped to amass the equipment necessary to get back to Argon and save the people from Tyrondus.


Acturus wears a stern face with a skill honed over hundreds of mission. He retains a tidy appearance and takes care to maintain grooming. He's just on the tall side for an Argonian, which is average height for an Azerothian Gnome.


Acturus is an Argonian of few words. It's his philosophy that the more you talk, the less you learn. And when you're at the helm of a starship, there's a lot to take in.

He expects unwavering loyalty and commitment from his crew, and in turn he gives it back to them. He's a man of his word, and finds lies extremely difficult to abide or use.


"Each of you will drink from the Prixian fountain in Sharrom again, I promise you that."

"Be careful. There are many savage things on this planet, and they are not always immediately apparent."

"Our ship may be lost, but we're still a crew, and we're in this together."

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