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Adalbjorg Marblespirit is one of two Iron Thanes of The Brotherhood of Iron. She can be opinionated but will remain loyal to her friends no matter what their personal views are.


After her father's leave with his legacies to mine out the mountains of Azeroth, Adalbjorg's mother moved the girls over to Stormwind. There her mother began to frequent the Cathedral. Soon she accepted the teachings of the Light over the Makers and brought Adalbjorg along with her to sermons. With the habitual gospels from her mother and the Cathedral, she became a priestess.


Adalbjorg can be found aiding the brave adventurers in Northrend dungeons or serving paying customers at the Cask and Anvil.


Adalbjorg is quite easy to down. Because she must be able to act quickly she can only wear light cloth armor which does very little to protect her from onslaughts.


"Welcome to the Cask and Anvil!" "Stop with that dying crap!" "Get this beast off o' me!" "Sooordren!" "Modamh!" "Morashtak!" "Oh shoot oop!"


Adalbjorg likes all things furry. Though her favorite pets are the snakes she acquired through questionable means.

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