"I don't care what happens to me. I'd gladly give my life if it will ensure the safety of our people... Let me fight with you!"
—Aethor Hamilton

Aethor Hamilton is a half-elven paladin and a former acolyte of the Church of the Holy Light. He is the first-born child as well as the only son of Aredin and Al'elena Hamilton.

Aethor fell in the Battle for Lordaeron after Sylvanas Windrunner launched the blight on the clashing Alliance and Horde soldiers on the battlefield.


Early life

Aethor Hamilton was born to Aredin and Al'elena Hamilton (née Highseeker) shortly after the Second War, in Lordaeron. He was raised in a traditional Lordaeronian household alongside his younger sisters—Celestia and Liliana.

Even at an early age, Aethor held a strong connection to the holy light. Despite his father wanting to groom him into a soldier, his mother supported him in his calling to become a priest. At the age of fifteen, Aethor became an acolyte for the Church of the Holy Light. Aethor served a number of years within the church, assisting in sermons and providing aid to those who sought it.

Paladin of the Light

Aethor eventually began a romantic relationship with the Gilnean priestess, Emmelynn Hayworth.

Battle for Lordaeron

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Physical appearance

Aethor has a striking resemblance to his father, Aredin. He stands at 5'10", slightly shorter than his father, and weighs in at 150 lbs. He is a very lean young man with pale skin and short, light brown hair. He has light blue eyes that is accompanied by a faint azure aura—a feature typically common among high elves.

Aethor is most commonly seen wearing a blue workman's shirt with brown suspenders and black pants. During his time serving the Church, Aethor would wear common white robes and would carry a small tome with him at all times. When he decided to become a battle cleric, Aethor began wearing plated armor, similar to what a paladin would typically wear.

Personality and traits

Aethor is a kind soul who wishes only the best for the people he cares for.

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