Name: Agreya
Title: Chieftain
Race: Orc
Assosciation: Horde, Earthen Ring, Bladesong Clan
Guild: <Bladesong Clan>
Alignment: Neutral Good
Age: 23
Weight: 235 lbs
Height: 6'4"
Hair Color: Copper
Skin Color: Green
Eye Colour: Amber

Geltug - Adopted Daughter

Place of Birth: Eastern Kingdoms, Internment Camp
Current Home: Barrens, Crossroads

Agreya (Ah-Grey-Ah), the Flamebreaker, is the current Chieftain of the Bladesong Clan. A former member of the Earthen Ring, with Deathwings destruction she left to find her own path in the world.



A young, ambitious orc shaman, Agreya was trained by the Earthen Ring during the Cataclysm after living the majority of her young life on her own in the wilderness of Durotar. She was born in the Eastern Kingdoms, in an internment camp but was set free when she was still very young and remembers little of her captivity.

Possessing a natural affinity to manipulate elemental forces and commune with the spirits, she quickly became a gifted shaman. She has also proven herself a capable warrior and combatant, using the elements to enhance her skills.

Thrust into the role of leadership she has founded a new clan beneath the Horde banner of like minded orc women in her task to heal the damaged world of Azeroth and combating the Horde’s many enemies. She can sense the rising conflict against the Alliance, and knows it is only a matter of time before she and her sisters are pulled into all out war.



Not far from average, Agreya is a proud orcish woman. Her green skin is smooth and stretches tightly over strong, toned muscles. This does not take away from her feminine features though. She bares attractive curves and a healthy, youthful appearance.

Her face usually has a playful smirk resting over her lips. Her short redish-brown hair is coarse and messy and falls loosely to the sides of her face. Her eyes are an amber brown color and burn with ambition and confidence


Agreya tends to have a warm and friendly demeanor, always quick to smile and laugh. Pride burns in her young heart, which fuels her code of honor and respect. Still, like many other orcs, a bestial fury hides behind a rather short temper.


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