Early Life


Alare Leane was born of a noble house as as twin. Her mother died when she was rather young. She was sent off to train as a priest in Capital City at a young age. She didn't see much of her family again for quite a few years.

Early Adulthood

Alare spent her latter teen years, and early twenties living back at home, with her family. She would spend time with her sister in their mother's cottage, sometimes with her sister's children as well.

The Plague

The plague started to spread while Alare was in Gilneas apprenticing with a healer. She was not able to make it out of Gilneas before the wall was put up, due to being rather out of touch.

Miscellaneous Information


Alare is identical to her sister, Araenna, except for a few exceptions. Her eyes are a vivid violet, and her hair and skin paler, from less time spent outside. She is less muscular, being a priest, and not a paladin.


An avid follower of the Light.

Family and Associates

Alare has several living relatives.

Araenna Leane: Her twin sister, who was once a mage, and is now a paladin. Lives in Theramore.

Sara Fire: Her niece, a mage who lives in Stormwind.

Angela Fire: Her other niece, a paladin training in Stormwind.

Siar Leane: Her nephew, a former paladin, now a death knight. He lives in Stormwind.

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