Alvincy Alricson was an Alliance knight and former member of the Order of the Golden Law. He served the Valiance Expedition and later the 7th Legion during the War against the Lich King.


Alvincy was born into the poor class in Stormwind with no siblings. Soon after he was born, his parents were killed by muggers. He was brought into an orphanage where he was raised and tought to become literate. When he was of age he had signed up for the military. After several battles, he was transferred to th 7th Legion and became more skilled in combat. When he was finished with training, he was skilled in duel-wielding and large weapons.

Physical appearance

Standing little taller than an average Human, and of a very fit stature. He has a Stormwind Lion tattoo that lays upon his right arm. His face has very few scars, though is mainly clean-shaved or has a shadow appearing on his face.

Al normally wears heavy plated armor for protection, and cause he's used to it. He has reinforced mail under the plate with a facemask to stay in the Golden Law's uniform policy. His cloak goes from the mid of the shoulder to the other on each side. He would normally be armed with a broadsword on his belt to his left, a shield slung over his shoulder with two greatswords under.

As of the start of the month of December, Al has a scarf around his neck with the golden bird in the middle with a golden outline. The scarf's ends would fall just past the foot of his cloak. Under his armor, he has on a thick shirt that would keep his warmth.

Personality and traits

Notes and references

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