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This is my second RP character I've ever created, having started playing WoW around 3 months ago...I had a bit of a fling with the PvP servers, didn't turn out too well. Because of this, and my natural liking of literature and storytelling, I turned to the Roleplay servers, where Amo was finally born, do enjoy!


OOC Note

Please note, even though this is a wikia page, and I trust most competent RPers won't go about spouting my character history in the Stormwind streets, I still prefer to give out the juicy parts of Amo's history through In-game chat, as it leads to far better immersion and character complexity in my oppinion.

Early Childhood

His mother dying in childbirth, Amortai's life began in sorrow. His father, Valemos Lenorias Sr., was left in an state of depression, and entrusted his (at the time) nameless Son to that of his Night Elf caregiver, Priestess L'lian Quiran. Informally christening him Amortai, Priestess Quiran played a vital role in the child's younger years, acting as a parent of sorts during the time of his fathers ill mental state. She grew so fond of him even, to grant him the posession of a ring, which she had promised was of extraordinary value.

Coming of age

At the time of Amortai's teenage years, it was seen that he had had little success in comprehending the complexities of economics and trade, instead opting for the lesser known talent of the family, namely, the arcane arts.

However, there were little to take notice of Amortai's interest, his father a shell of what he had once been, and Priestess Quiran's recent and newfound importance to the worship of Elune forcing her to become but a distant friend and counsellor to Amortai. As such, his skills with the arcane remained raw and untouched, until the age of 15.

During that fateful year, Amortai developed a close friendship with his Grandmama, and with her help and extensive influence, was allowed entrance to the book laden world of a Mage student. By the age of 16, Amortai was seen to have made extensive prowess within his class, a promising future within the Mage quarter beckoning.

...This was not to be however, as, for reasons unknown, Amortai's skills seemeed to be almost tarnished, inable to fulfill their potential, and, through the course of but four years, Amortai's promising future vanished before his eyes. There is however, an rumor circulating around certain parts stating of an illegal and dangerous ritual in which he had partaken in, leading to a loss of reputation and his subsequent depression, among other things.


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