Andianton Wolfbane is an Arcanist, a researcher and a bookwriter.

Born in Raven Hill, Andianton was subject to the Orc's first invasion when they crushed Grand Hamlet, and was then sent to Stormwind as refuge when he was a newborn, only to have to escape that when the Orcs burned it, was then sent to Lordaeron until the Third War, when the Scourge swept over Lordaeron, probably the most traumatic event of his childhood, mainly because he was a firsthand witness of the pillaging of Lordaeron, left Duskwood recently to join the Scarlet Crusade, so that he may crush the Forsaken.


He is a member of the Scarlet Remnants. Currently an Officer and one of two Mages in the guild!


Get up close and beat him down fast, it only takes a second to cast a Frost Nova, one he has you trapped, pray to your personal Gods, he likes his "Arcane Implosion" spell...


  • Thish Beer, doesn't agree with me... -On Gordok Brew
  • Gnomes! Gnomes everywhere! -After the first time he tried on Belbi's goggles.
  • What's the point of not hanging around the Command Center all day if you aren't going to have fun while you are on leave?-To an over-zealous guard.
  • "No. I am not a Scarlet."


  • He is an Arcanist! And a pretty darn good one at that!
  • His last name implies killing wolves... yet he has not picked up a gun in his life!
  • Allergic to Cats.
  • Hates all things undead, Ogre, and Worgen.

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