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Physical Description

Contrary to his age, Archelaos has a fairly young appearance, with his body seeming to be stuck somewhere in his early thirties. However, heavy bags and a constant expression of irritation and discontent make him no more approachable for it. His skin is naturally tan, with amber eyes and black hair that he shaves for his work. A beard is neatly groomed on his face, and his brows are thick. While his body is usually covered his armor, his neck is often left exposed, where one could easily see deep scars that form an X. It seems much less like an accident and more of a failed murder attempt.

After a failed attempt on his life, Archelaos's left leg was amputated at the thigh. Willing to pay the price, Archelaos contacted dangerous friends, and had a new leg of elementium crafted to replace the old one. Runes connected to his nerves and muscles allow for him to control the new leg as he would his old one. In an attempt to keep the rest of his body as protected as his leg, a suit of armor, also black tinted elementium, was crafted for him by the same man who smithed his leg. 


Archelaos is as one might expect a Scarlet Inquisitor. He's far from a pleasant man for most to be around, with a constantly disgruntled expression and a short temper to match it. When working, he keeps a stoic front, letting only emotions that would suit his goals show. He enjoys being in control of any given situation, and as such, picks his words carefully and tactfully when working with the Scarlet Templars and their allies. 

When he is not working, however, he is slightly easier to tolerate, if only because he's usually tipsy. He has a dry sense of humor that comes out often. He's not exactly a happy man, always with some negative commentary to give, though he shows evidence of some sort of conscience. He has strong empathy toward orphans and victims of sexual assault, and is very likely to donate coin or his time into helping them.


Archelaos was born the first child to a family of successful merchants. His father owned a shipping company, and as such, Archelaos was exposed to a great deal of diversity as a child. As a result, he had learned Thalassian, which he is still fluent in, and began to learn Dwarvish. His father raised him to be a successful businessman, and Archelaos was and is completely literate in both Common and Thalassian, and is semi-literate in Dwarvish, enough for simple letters.

Despite his training, most were unaware that the Gacy family had a son, believing them to only have a daughter, his younger sister. While Archelaos was the eldest and being trained, he was not allowed to socialize with other children, or leave the house without the consent of his father. His life was very strictly micro-managed by his parents, and they had him trained well by the time he was able to speak, so much that he knew not to.

Archelaos suffered from sexual abuse from both of his parents, but his father primarily from the age of five to fifteen. With nobody outside of his family to reach out to or have any sort of experiences with, Archelaos had been conditioned into thinking that the behavior was normal, and that it was simply the eldest child's role. The sessions were cruel, often leaving him broken and needing a trip to the Cathedral for healing, with his parents blaming him for playing with his father's sword to excuse the injuries, and left notable donations to avoid questions. 

When Archelaos was fifteen years old, he ran away from his home on Fenris Isle, and made for the capital. He arrived, starved and without a lick of experience, asking to be made into a paladin. The Cathedral agreed to house him, and he was on his way in his training. His father showed up some weeks later, after having tracked him down, though when they refused to give Archelaos back to him, as he was set on the path to becoming a man of the Light, Archelaos was found in the stables, in a similar state to which the priestesses on the Isle were used to seeing him.

After that, Archelaos had gone mute for nearly two years while he was trained, rarely looking another in the eye. He was very talented with the Light, and of average talent when it came to swordplay. His docile nature made most of his instructors believe him not to be a man for the fields, but for more of a desk job in housing recruits and tending to the Church. 

When he was seventeen years old, Archelaos's father had been found murdered on the docks of the island, having been held under the water and drowned. It happened to be during the same length of time in which Archelaos was out in the world studying, and, as a result, many looked to him as the murderer. Despite very clear motive, with Archelaos having been first in line for an inheritance, and probable ability, the case was marked unsolved for reasons unspecified. Less than a year later, his mother had been found in a similar state, strangled to death and sexually assaulted on the docks, and was closed in a similar manner.

After the death of his parents, Archelaos had a complete personality change. He became happier, talkative, and excited for his role as a paladin of the Light. During this time, he married a woman named Amelia, who birthed his first and only biological son, Lorvann. Five more children were born after, though they were the product of Amelia's paramour, a fact clear by their fair skin and hair. When rumors began to spread of Archelaos being sexual with his children, he began to grow more distant to them. All of his children save for Lorvann had died to mysterious circumstances, and many believe that to have been the cause of Archelaos' initial dissent into cruelty and maddness. 

Where Archelaos had been kind in the past, he turned cold, even to his son, who had been the light of his life. Amelia left him shortly before his change, in favor of her lover. From that point on, he drilled Lorvann in self defence classes, as to be sure his remaining son would not fall victim to foul play. 

After a decade of such, Lorvann had been called to go to Northrend with Prince Arthas, who demanded Archelaos's war ship by any means possible. When Archelaos refused to give his son his ship, his reasoning being he was not going to send hundreds of men to their deaths, Lorvann slit his throat, and took the ship by force. 

Archelaos was revived shortly after, though he fell into a horrible depression, having believed he had turned into his father, which was the reasoning behind the attempted murder. He was bedridden for weeks, before he was sent to Kul Tiras, to be with his sister in an attempt to bring light to him once more. During his stay, Arthas returned home, and his kingdom fell. 

Upon hearing word that Lorvann had joined the army of the undead, Archelaos used it as a reason to join the Scarlet Crusade. He took up arms in hopes of setting his son's soul free, though the Crusade quickly twisted good intentions into those of vengence and hatred. He was morphed into a cruel Inquisitor, ruthless and willing to harm anyone they pointed him at - Men, women, and children. 

He stayed the the Crusade doing the same work until the attack on New Avalon. He was one of the few Scarlets to survive the ordeal, though he left when he caught wind of their retreat to Northrend. Instead of following, he left, and went to the Broterhood of the Light some time after for a pardon, and used his energy to focus on the War Against the Undead.

When the war was over, Archelaos gradually began to calm down from the monster that the Scarlet Crusade had made of him. He slowly regained his humanity, so much that he contacted his son again. He was cruel to Lorvann for a long while, manipulating him and playing mind games with him for his own amusement. However, once he saw the consequences of his actions - His son's clear maddness to the point he would murder his closest friend to please his father, Archelaos hit a turning point. He had come to realize that he still cared about his son, and was willing to change himself if it would mean Lorvann's safety and happiness. 

After coming to such a revelation, Archelaos began to have suicidal thoughts and tendencies, with only the knowledge that by him being alive, he kept his son from going insane keeping him going. He eventually joined the Scarlet Templars, in hopes of righting the wrongs he had done in the original Scarlet Crusade, and finding some sort of redeption in doing something good with the dark talents he had acquired. 

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