"The Damned stands vigilant."
—Archelus Wyrmfrost

Archelus Wyrmfrost (born Archelus Ulysses Theobald Titus, January 10th, Year 557 KC[1]) was the leader of the Remnants of Lordaeron and was considered one of the most powerful Death Knights affiliated with the Alliance.

Archelus was a revered war hero renowned for slaying countless orcs during the Second War. He served as Commander of the Royal Guard of Lordaeron for several years until the kingdom was brought to ruin by it's own prince — Arthas Menethil. Archelus was killed and risen by Arthas and served as a loyal follower of the Lich King. During the Battle for Light's Hope Chapel, he was freed from the Lich King's control along with many other death knights and joined the newly-formed Knights of the Ebon Blade under Highlord Darion Mograine. Upon the death of the Lich King, Wyrmfrost founded the Remnants of Lordaeron.


Early life

Archelus Titus was born on January 10, 557 KC in Capital City, Lorderon. His father, Aegidus Titus raised Archelus in a strict military manner, conditioning him to become a successful soldier and protector of the kingdom of Lordaeron. Once he came of age, Archelus enlisted in the Lordaeron infantry serving his first few years as a patrolman in Hillsbrad Foothills.

He served in the military for many years before fighting the Orcish Horde as a Lieutenant Commander during the First War and again as a Commander in the Second War. He eventually married Ashlynn Caelius and had a daughter, Aurelia.

Royal Guard of Lordaeron

"My duty is to protect you your highness. I am not obligated to like you."
—Archelus Titus to Prince Arthas.

After winning several skirmishes and battles that turned the tide of the Second War, Archelus was appointed as Commander of the Royal Guard of Lordaeron by King Terenas II. He was honored to have the position and served the Royal Guard with great pride.

However, he would often find himself clashing with Prince Arthas, who he found to be excessively conceited and arrogant. Despite his strong opinions of the young prince, Archelus never lashed out against him due to his respect for his father.

Plague of Lordaeron

When Medivh visited the King of Lordaeron, Archelus witnessed from afar as the King dismissed the wizard to be unhinged. Thought Archelus didn't entirely dismiss Medivh's claims, he strongly disagreed with the idea of abandoning his home.

Last Stand against the Scourge

Death Knight of Acherus

Destruction of New Avalon

Battle for Light's Hope

After the crushing of the Scarlet Crusade, the Death Knights of Acherus began preparation for their final assault on Light's Hope Chapel. Archelus was one of Darion's most worthy and strongest Death Knights assembled to begin the Second Battle for Light's Hope.

Northrend Campaign

Remnants of Lordaeron

Physical appearance

Personality and traits

In life, Archelus was a highly respected figure who was considered as one of the most honorable and valiant men in the Lordaeron military. In death, he was notably disconnected and feared by many (specifically by those within the Scarlet Crusade). Due to the lack of aid from many of the other Alliance kingdoms during the Scourge invasion, Archelus held an intense grudge against many of the Alliance kingdoms, including Gilneas, Ironforge, Gnomeregan and Stormwind.

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