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Personality and Description

To be frank, Ameyah doesn't have much of a personality. There's too much work to do, having a personality cuts into that time. When she is around she's very patient with the people who come to her with complaints that her father is a criminal. They are obviously misguided and have been listening to a senile old man's ramblings. Very few people in the Brightmoon Faire have even met her and she's technically their boss!

On the rare occassion that she shows up to an event, she greets people, has a nibble at some food and excuses herself... saying she has paperwork to file.


Ameyah and her twin brother Akikta are the product of Owakeri Brightmoon's third marriage. Before taking over the Faire from her father, she and her brother trained with the Elder Onatam Bloodtotem. Other than this little bit of history there really isn't much to report. In fact, writing this biography is really cutting into time that could be spent doing Faire business.

See also

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