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Sir Bivvle "Penguins" Wibwodget, Grand Warrior and Knight of the Sun is awesome.


Comes from a long line of gnomes who, for some reason, trained as knights. Bivvle did not want to be a knight, but was about to begin training to please his parents (he's about the human equivalent of 20), he was to begin training the next day.

Then the troggs invaded.

A family of warriors and knights, the Wibwodgets were making a good escape, when Mekkatorque nuked the city. The explosion killed almost everyone, including Bivvle, though he was buried in the bodies of his family, shielding him from the troggs and other such nastiness.

Many years later, Bivvle awoke in a necropolis...Acherus. He was a Death Knight for...some reason. Bivvle's mind was, unfortunately, completely destroyed by the trauma, making him believe he is the culmination of the Wibwodgets' honor and chivalry in humanoid form. The ultimate knight. He fights for justice, honor and love.

He also has absolutely no skill with weaponry.

He has boundless enthusiasm though!

At some points, he has moments of clarity, where he is fully in control of his body and mind. At these rare moments, he's calm, collected, and an absolute genius. He's better with a blade than the "normal" personality, and shares his strong sense of justice. He's really better in most ways...which is why it's unfortunate that he only really shows up when Bivvle is under extreme stress, or otherwise NEEDS him. Most of the time, his less sane half takes over.

Due to an event in his past, he worships some strange deity called "The Eyecaller", in BOTH personas.



Bivvle is a horrible fighter in his standard persona. If you lose to it you really suck.



  • Bivvle puffs up his chest dramatically.* "I am Sir Bivvle Wibwodget, Grand Warrior and KNIGHT OF THE SUN! But you may call me Penguins." *Bivvle bows.*


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