Brightmoon Faire Performance
Vital statistics
Participants Brightmoon Faire, and all of Azeroth
Date Last Friday of the Darkmoon Faire
Location Wherever the Darkmoon Faire is

Gatherings of the exotic from around Azeroth, Owakeri and Lindiwe Brightmoon have brought together the Brightmoon Faire as a celebration of wonders and mysteries. Amusement, entertainment and merriment are what the Faire specializes in and we invite you to come along and enjoy the show.

The event

Our schedule follows the Darkmoon Faire to Mulgore and Elwynn Forest (on the Friday of the Darkmoon Faire event) where we will have the finest performers and vendors for your delight.

Our shows starts at 6:30 ((st)) and will end approximately 9:00 ((st)). A schedule of events is to come, but examples of our performances are as follows: fire eaters, dancing bears, glass art, plays, minstrels, storytellers and, of course, vendors.

We look forward to seeing you there!


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