Crowely Duskfall, warlock and supposed criminal, though one would be hard pressed to follow the complicated paper trails that might possibly lead back to him. He's a smooth, sophistocated, smirking warlock, often found with a cigarette between his slightly too-sharp teeth. His eyes are perpetually behind a pair of shades. as if he's hiding something.


Crowely was born in Silvermoon, sometime in between it being razed to the ground. His mother died when he was young and his father was a thief, pickpocket and gambler. This led the young Crowely to be raised mostly in the depths of Murder Row by the less-than-high class residents and on more than one occasion, his father attempted to bet HIM when he ran out of money. It was some time in his unchaperoned running around in non-child-friendly areas that he learned he had a gift for manipulating fel magic, but it was not until the destruction of the Sunwell and the rise of the Blood Elves that he started practicing in the open.


Crowely is every part a warlock that has overindulged in fel magic. His skin is slightly reddened and all along it, there are sharp black markings, like a circuit-board. When channeling a spell or summoning a demon, tiny beads of purple light can be seen travelling along the markings, from his fingertips up his sleeves. The markings also appear on his neck and frame his face. His hair is a matte black, long and tied back out of his eyes. His goatee is exceptionally well-sculpted.

He stands at just over six feet, his body lean, rather than gangly. He often dresses in black and red. He looks to be about twenty five.


Though often calm, Crowely can be vicously sarcastic. His years in the darker depths of Silvermoon has left him a silver-tongued fast-talker, probably not to be trusted. However, some say the fel magic he wields has slowly crept into his mind and his classy facade can drop suddenly into brutal violence, manic ravings and laughter, particularly when he's draining the soul or life force from a victim.



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