The Cult of Wiggles is a small, loosely formed group of religious fanatics that believe that Mr. Wiggles is a god. You can usually find them on the street corners of Stormwind shouting about their porky deity and how he will illuminate the world and bring about peace.


Mr. Wiggles

How It Began

Something so crazy could only have begun with a gnome. In fact, it did!

Naimh, a female gnome and one of many refugees from Gnomeregan, made a narrow escape from her homeland just as things were getting too radioactive to support rational thought. Some say that she didn't get out soon enough, and her wits are addled. They wouldn't be far off. Naimh was not completely batty, however. Just full of strange ideas. She wasn't aware of any of the demons that followed her except for a felhound and an imp. She thought plants were once people and that all of them should be cherished and cared for. Not too bad at all.

The most popular crazy idea she shared with others was that her pet pig, Mr. Wiggles, was a god. She traveled all over the world sharing that idea. Now, it is something that has effected even the Horde.

Core Beliefs

The most important thing that all Wiggles fanatics agree on is that Mr. Wiggles is, in fact, a god, and not a normal pig at all. Their proof lies in the fact that almost everyone has the collar to summon him. If he were not a god, why would he be every where at once? Further, he cannot be killed by conventional means. He cannot be drowned, he is impervious to fire, and even common knives have no effect.

Some of the crazier followers believe that Mr. Wiggles' most loyal disciple is Whiskers the rat. Wiggles is believed to have saved Whiskers from certain doom at the hands of Speedy the turtle in ages past, and the rat has served loyally ever since. Speedy is said to be the equivalent to an animal devil.

Of course, those who believe Whiskers and Speedy are special at all have had far too much to drink.

Dealing with the Crazy

If you find yourself being cornered by inebriated men in dresses, this is normal, and there is nothing to fear.

However, if there is a pig on their heels, you are at the mercy of a Wiggles Cultist. The man will no doubt inform you of the Light of Wiggles. He will tell you that this light will bring down greasy peace upon the world. He will tell you that your soul can be saved, if only you pay your respects to the bacon.

If you have no intentions of converting, you should run, quickly.

Known Cultists

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