Defigo Marcus Caldo, Ambassador of the Stormwind Guard, was born on a small homestead in the Stonetalon Mountions of Kalimdor. Defigo was the oldest of three brothers, when his second oldest brother and him turned eighteen, they headed to the human capital of the Alliance, Stormwind City.

Service to the Kingdom

While en route to Stormwind, with his brother, they were attacked by members of the Defias, during the attack, his brother was killed. After this life changing event, Defigo swore to uphold justice for others who could not protect themslves. Soon after, he was recruited into the Stormwind Guard.

At the age of 30, 12 years after joining the Stormwind Guard, he was requested, by the King, to serve as Ambassador for the Storwmind Guard. He now handles public relations between the citizens of Stormwind and other military forces.

Personal Life

Defigo is married to Amarentha Lilith Steelhammer, they have one child together. They currently live in Stormwind City.

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