Eliat is an even-tempered, sensible girl who you'd probably never notice, really.



She is of moderate height and on the thin side. She could be considered quite lovely, but tends to dress casually to hide the fact. She keeps her hair pulled back in an efficient ponytail and has very little, if any, jewelry.


Eliat is very, very sensible. Logic and reason dictate her every move and she is entirely too grounded for her own good. Do not be fooled, however, because she can pull out some sharp wit when she's in a good mood. She is very respectful and polite, speaking confidently with strangers and making friends easily... when it suits her.

She is quick to smile, slow to anger. Neither she does without a good reason.


Most of her history is unknown. She was found when she was very young by Jauren Dhyana and he has looked over her since. She gained respect among the groups they traveled with by being a sharp study and a capable fighter. As she got older, they began trusting her with more and more responsibility, eventually leading to her taking control of a good bit of operations and businesses.

At the moment, she is trying to find and reconnect with Jauren. She had been running his various business ventures and investments in his absence and finally decided it was time he stopped hiding out.



Coming soon.

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