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Errat Bladescream is an Orcish Death Knight who's really quite confused about everything. Being confused makes her angry, and you wouldn't like her when she's angry.



One would suppose Errat were attractive, in an orcish way, before her untimely demise. She is both extraordinarily tall and remarkably muscular, with her ebon hair worn in a knee-length braid.

Her skin is a very deep gray with only a tinge of green; whether the color is natural or from damage to her body after death is impossible to discern.


Errat's quite brutish. Moreso than your average Orc. She growls, she spits, she punches people and various objects when the impulse strikes her. But she has a lighter side, as well, and seems perfectly capable of civilized, rational thought when she puts her mind to it. On the rare occasion, she even manages to be awkwardly friendly.


Old Life & Death

Errat was, in the distant past, a proud Blackrock orc warrior woman, strong and capable with an axe as any male. She fought in and survived some of the clan's greatest assaults under the leadership of Orgrim Doomhammer. Though not inclined to politics, it is assumed she was a steadfast believer in the ways of the Old Horde. She survived the assault of Blackrock Spire, though it would seem she died sometime afterwards, in the time when the Old Horde's numbers were once again recovering to the grand size they once were. The cause of death is unknown, though it would seem to be either old age or injuries sustained in the failed defense of the spire.

(I'll flesh this all out later, I'm just lazy and hate re-reading lore.)

Revival & Subsequent Death Knightery

Errat's body must have been incredibly well-preserved, for when the Scourge stumbled upon the tomb which contained her body (as well as the bodies of many other seasoned Blackrock orc fighters), most were raised as Death Knights with little issue, despite the passage of time. She cleaved heads for the Lich King for a good long time, until Darion Mograine, like the pansy he is, surrendered himself and his troops at the battle for Light's Hope Chapel.

Disgusted by her supposed leader's actions but with little alternative, she found herself once again in service of the Horde -- but this Horde was different from the Horde of her past. She wasn't sure if she liked it -- the taboo against ritual sacrifice was shocking, and the lack of demonic worship would take quite a while to adjust to -- but in the end, she supposed, it was just another group giving her an excuse to slaughter its enemies.

Still, the world had changed a lot since her death. It would all take quite a lot of time to absorb.

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