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The answer to two questions nobody ever asked, and that nobody is likely to ask again. Or so most hope.


Virtually nothing is known about Kaylu's past. She remembers nothing prior to being raised as a Death Knight, nor is there any information publicly available or known. It's generally accepted that she was most likely some sort of warrior in life, given how many scars she has. Research has revealed that someone with the same name as her was active in Shadowmoon Valley a few months before the invasion, and was reported missing in Winterspring less than two months before the invasion. Whether or not this is a coincidence isn't yet known.


Kaylu looks much like any other Draenei, standing a hair under 7 feet tall, and slightly slimmer than average. Her hair is gray, leaning toward white, though she can occasionally be observed plucking darker strands from a failed attempt at dyeing it. Almost all of her body from the neck down is covered in fine scars, clearly healed long before her death. Her hands are calloused, likely from holding a weapon on a regular basis in life. Given that she is almost never seen wearing anything less than full plate armor, anything further remains guesswork. Even in full plate armor, her movement is very fluid and nimble.

When in cities, she usually carries the Blade of Misfortune. It has been modified not just with typical Death Knight engraving, but the engravings have also had silver inlays added that outline carefully cut precious stones.


She usually doesn't say what she's been busy with, past simple, one-word answers. With the abundance of Death Knights and her average appearance, most people quickly forget her unless she actively makes an impression on them. It's generally believed that she's now training in Northrend.


Kaylu is usually found in the presence of Anastre while in Stormwind City.





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