Khay is a young Gnome Rogue living in Stormwind. She is not yet an adult (and thus hasn't chosen a last name) and has an identical twin sister, Jhay. The sisters could not be more unlike if they tried. Khay is the brash, trouble-making one that spends her time coming up with clever ways to get into trouble rather than making anything of herself.


Jhay and Khay are atypical Gnomes in that they hail from Gnomeregan. They were sent to Ironforge for schooling as tensions rose within Gnomeregan because their parents feared for their safety. Their parents were lost in the inevitable downfall. Neither sister became horribly emo and started writing bad poetry, but being in Dun Morogh kept them miserable. Together, they packed what few belongings they had and made the move to Stormwind to seek out their fortune. It would be the last decision they made together.

After that, the sisters went their own way because they were simply too different.

Jhay chose to go adventuring and make a name for herself as a hero. Khay, meanwhile, stayed in Stormwind. She had no desire to do anything in particular and was perfectly content living her life as a no-account ruffian. Her hobbies included blowing things up, stealing, booby-trapping sheep, lying, playing mean pranks, and just generally being a nuisance. She couldn't even hold a steady job with SI:7 because of how unreliable she was. At least conning people out of their gold at the Auction House has always been easy.

In more recent times, Stormwind became a place infested with Death Knights and those who do not tolerate short-statured troublemakers very well. Khay finds it harder and harder to find anything entertaining to do with so many cranky, racist sorts infesting her favorite city. Perhaps she will go on more adventures and try to catch up with her twin.



  • "This will work, I promise!"
  • "I didn't do it."
  • "Bah. You're such a girl, Jhay!"


  • "You can't do that while stunned." -- World of Warcraft


  • Is a teen
  • Is also a tomboy
  • Rarely tells the truth
  • Adores spicy food
  • Has a pet turtle
  • OOC: was created as a 19 twink

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