Lektor Bloodrage is an orcish Shaman, one of the two adopted sons of Varjot Bloodrage. He is notable for his quirky, slightly "immature" personality, which seems fairly out of character for a budding Shaman.


Like his brother, Taje, Lektor was adopted at a young age by Varjot. It was by the aging warlocks' brief kindness that the two were kept out of the Alliance Internment Camps for much of their lives. In general, Lektor, while caring of his father, viewed Varjot as more of a grumpy old grandfather, unlike Taje, who was much more clingy to the warlock.

Lektor was always hyper and giddy as a child, and Varjot seemed convinced that "The kid must be....special." To Lektors' benefit, this allowed him to grow up slightly more carefree and under less of Varjots' influence. As a result, he's much more mellow than his brother and almost borderline naive by orcish standards. Somehow, he wound up training to become a Shaman, much to Varjot and Tajes' surprise, figuring Lektor lacked the discipline and wisdom.


Currently Lektor is just doing what he can to assist his elders and fellows in Durotar and The Barrens. Unlike his brother, who remains determined to fight to the death in Warsong Gulch, Lektor would rather do his daily meditations, some elemental training and shield blocking excerises at most as far as combat goes, perfering the company of others, the spirits, or a good liqueur over blood hungry Alliance warriors. Naturally, he's not afraid to get his hands dirty when need be.


Currently does not have enough spells to his name to put up much of a fight. He perfers to use his lightning bolt ability from a far away distance and avoid melee combat when possible. (This will be updated as the character progresses.)


"So, Wait wait're going to teach me to shoot Lightning out of my hands?....Is that really the best idea in the world?"

"I've decided what I want for my birthday, Old Man(Varjot). The Succubus. Like every other Birthday. I've been asking for close to eighteen years now!"


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