Malcon is a Kaldorei Death Knight, known as "Malcon the Barbaric" due to his untamed ferocity while fighting.


Malcon's documented history is as lacking as his regard for other's emotions. All that is known is that he was killed at some point in the Third War, murdered at the Thunder Falls in Elwynn Forest. He awoke in service of the Lich King as a Death Knight, having no memories prior to a few hazy details about his murder. He then served his time in service on the Northrend Front as an ambassador for the Scourge, recruiting soldiers for Arthas, until he was called to fight in the Light's Hope campaign, where he and the rest of the Death Knights regained their free will.

Due to his amnesia and time in Northrend, Malcon has aquired a persona akin to the barbarian Vyrkul tribes, making him usually very impersonal. Regardless, he has been seen frequenting the inn that one of his few friends, Lesivitus, owns, and conversing with the local crowd there. He is currently in a committed relationship with the civilian Draenei Kenaria, however, due to the resurface of his murderer, the rogue Riftin, he has sent her away to Darnassus in hopes that she will be safe there.

In the meantime, he scours Azeroth in search of clues as to who this mysterious rogue is, and what keys to the past he could potentially hold.


Malcon does not care much for the fight against the Horde, nor the Scourge. He holds his personal quest above all others. That being said, he has been often seen traveling with a group of adventurers, often which consists of the druid Lin, the gnome Tinkspock, and the shaman Fig, into the dungeons of Northrend.


Malcon's specialty lies in the area of devastating blows and control of the undead. However, just like most barbarians, he sacrifices sustainability and endurance for his massive damage. The best way to defeat him in theory is to outlast him until his stamina drains. Recently he lost his right eye in a battle with the pirates of Howling Fjord, making it much harder for him to defend his dexter.


"Strength and bravery is not always measured in who are you willing to kill. Usually, it's the most courageous heroes who choose to stand down. I? I'm a coward. I never back down."


Malcon has an enchanted tattoo of a python on his spine, in moments of severe stress or rage it will take a life of its own and slither across his skin.

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