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In Stromgarde, born and raised, near the farm is where Paul spent most of his days, chilling, relaxing, and acting all cool. When suddenly a couple of Orcs they were up to no good, started making trouble in the neighborhood; And his mom got scared, she said you're moving to a place called Elwynn. He packed up his goods, and said, "Well smell ya later." He lived in his kingdom he was finally there, the head of his throne in some place called Stormwind.

Age: 23.

Race: Arathian Human Male.

DOB: April 24th.

Hobbies: Fishing, girls, Gnomish technology, Mining, working out, Sky diving, and flying, slow walks on the beach labeled "Lovers walks.",

Job: Knight-Lieutenant.

He is a young man, his skin giving off a bronzed color, often seen with a lumberjack shirt on, and knitted pants. He is seen mostly in Old Town. He is a very weird individual. It is very tough to figure if he is "FOR SERIOUS" or not. For if he is not "FOR SERIOUS" You probably won't get the gold you need from him unfortunetly . Also another thing Mr.Reader should know is Paul is a fan of Capital Punishment SI:7(Stormwind Intelligence), Grizzly Hills, and Human females.



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