A quick reference list to the various IC RP events on Wyrmrest Accord. Feel free to post your own annual open RP event here, or send your details to Lindrys in the format below, and she'll add it to this page. For a full list of reoccuring events, including guild-run taverns, visit the Reoccuring Events category.


Weekly Events

The Shadowhoof Caravan
What: An IC wandering caravan that roams from place to place, selling goods!
When: 7:30 ST every Sunday.
Where: Rotating schedule that splits between the Stonetalon Mountians, Ashenvale, Dustwallow Marsh, and Thousand Needles. Check this thread for the month's rotation.
Contact: Hosted by the Shadowhoof Tribe. Contact Kurshaw, Whitetail, or Metoataske.

Story Circle
What: An IC story-telling circle. Inquire if you would like to tell a story, otherwise open attendance.
When: 5:00pm ST every Saturday
Where: Bloodhoof Village, the great bonfire.
Contact: Hosted by The Stormtotem Tribe. Contact Bestiarius, Twilla, or Lightfur for details.

Trusti's Catering
What: Trusti runs the Broken Keel inn in Rachett.
When: 5:30pm ST every Sunday.
Where: Ratchett, Broken Keel Inn
Contact: Trusti

Bi-Weekly Events

Atal'jinai Hosted Story and Social Time
What: A troll guild hosted socialization and IC story telling get-together, open attendance.
When: Every other Monday, time varies, ask to confirm.
Where: The clearing of Grom'gol Base.
Contact: Hosted by the Atal'jinai. Contact Zaliji, Aizan, Zinjaya, or Jumanji for details.

Monthly Events

The Brightmoon Faire Market
What: A market event with various IC vendors peddling their wares. Inquire if you would like to be a vendor, otherwise open attendance.
When: Each second Thursday of the month at 6:30pm ST.
Where: Undercity, above it in the Ruins of Lordaeron.
Contact: Hosted by the Brightmoon Faire. Contact Lindiwe for details.

March of the Kodos
What: A celebration in memory of the Horde's arrival to Kalimdor
When: Every First Friday at 5pm Server Time
Where: Begin - Along the Dustwallow Marsh/Barrens Border. End - Sun Rock Retreat
Contact: Bestiarius


Weekly Events

Flowerama Shop
What: A weekly shop run by both the Gump family business and The Azerothian Herbologists Association. While it's an RP event, actual transactions do also occur. Herbs, potions, and food are the items typically offered during the event.
When: Every Sunday at 5PM server time.
Where: The Flowerama shop in the Stormwind canals. If you look at your map, the shop is located on the last "t" in "Trade District." For a map, please check out the about section of the AHA's [site].
Contact: Hosted by The AHA. If you have any questions, comments, criticisms or suggestions, contact Slelis.

Bi-Weekly Events

Monthly Events

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