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Salliya Duskrunner is a blood elf "Jill of all trades" and the head anchor of the successful news show "The Horde Herald"


Salliya was born into a middle class elven family in western Silvermoon. Her father was a blacksmith and her mother was a magister in the Sunfury Spire. When Salliya was a young girl, her mother became an agent of the Kirin Tor and the Duskrunner family moved to Dalaran. She became an adult a few years before the First War began.

During the Second War, Salliya was an Alliance scout. She didn't show much interest in the military, so after the war it was back to deciding what to do. Right after the war, she met the dwarven archaeologist Conan Ridgley Jr. Amazed by the artifacts she saw, Salliya began a career as a treasure hunter, assisting Ridgley on occassion throughout the Interim Period. During this time, Salliya lived between Lordaeron and Dalaran.

The world as Salliya knew it was destroyed in the Third War. Fortunately for herself, Salliya was quick to change. At first, she was uneasy about the blood elves joining the Horde, but not longer afterwards, she embraced the change. Salliya began adventuring around the new frontier of Kalimdor and became involved in the media. With her charm and ability to amuse her audience, Salliya Duskrunner made the Horde Herald a successful news hour.

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