Sara Fire was born a twin to a young mother. She spent the first nine years of her life living with her twin, Angela, and her mother and father, Araenna Fire née Leane, and Seriau Fire, in Silverpine Forest, at her grandfather's estate. She was always a bit shy, while her sister was more outgoing.


When the plague broke out, her aunt was one of the first to die. Her mother almost immediately left for Stormwind after having a revelation, to become a paladin. Plans were made for both girls to be sent there as well. However, Sara began to rather explosively show signs of having magical capabilities, and was sent to Dalaran to study, while her sister went to Stormwind, eventually becoming a priest. Her parents broke up at this point. However, by the time she finished her studies, and moved to Stormwind to apprentice with her father, her mother, mother's lover, and he were all sharing a place.


Sara lives with her beau, Rane Theocritus, a mage.

Miscellaneous Information


Sara is short, and petite, with bright red hair. She always wears long gloves. She has faintly glowing violet eyes.


She doesn’t seem to be very religious at all.

Family and Associates

Rane Theocritus: A mage.

Family: See here.

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