Sarbello di' Kraven is usually wearing his famous purple suit and orange hat. He is cheerful, clever and kind. When it comes to combat he is cunning and quick.


Sarbello di' Kraven was born in Stormwind City to a poor family As a child he learned that in order to make something of himself he had to be very hardworking. He became a successful tradesman in Stormwind City. Je eventually married his love Jennifer and they had two children, Max and Jessica. He lived a successful life until the invasion of the Scourge. When Arthas invaded the kingdoms of Lorderon, Sarbello was called to war. He found he was quite the fighter. When he fell on the battlefield the Scourge necromancers saw better use for him. They remade him as a death knight. He and his brothers and sisters in death assaulted New Avolon. He killed hundreds of innocent people, and in a turn of events at Lights Hope Chapel, The Ebon Blade broke away from Arthas. He returned to Stormwind City and tried to find his wife and kids. He eventually found that they were killed by the Scourge. He wandered for five days before he heard of The Lionheart Company. He joined them and since then he has become an employee.


Sarbello is almost always in his purple suit and his orange hat, he is average height and has a lean, muscular body.


Sarbello is almost always ready to fight. When it come to combat he is cunning and quick. He almost always has his flaming sword on his back


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