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Scarl is a former mercenary and second-in-command of the company Baldric's Blades.

His life before joining the company is known only to himself, though he freely shares stories of his life as a mercenary.

The mercenaries traveled Kalimdor, helping small settlements in exchange for food, beds and coin. When the Alliance and Horde sent troops to Northrend, the company chartered a ship to travel north, mostly to take advantage of the towns that were under attack in the frozen wastes.

Unprepared for the true horrors of the scourge, many of Baldric's men were slain and soon Baldric himself took a blade through the chest. With no medic nearby, the cold clutches of death soon took the dwarf for their own, leaving Scarl as acting Captain for the company.

Realising they were over their heads, the mercenaries returned to Stormwind.

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