The Silversail Fleet is the fleet of ships under the control of the Silversail Corsairs.


Current Ships


Captain: Admiral Varkaz

First Mate(s): Midna Twilight

Past Captains: Admiral Thenux Silverfoot

Location: Merchant Coast

Built: A year before Varkaz's birth

Type: Frigate

Battles: The Ghoulbreaker is the only surviving ship from the Battle of Stormwind Harbor. It's mostly been involved in troll raids and some attacks on the Undermine.


Captain: Captain Jelleneth Dawnsinger

First Mate(s): None currently.

Past Captains: Pyrce Truestryke; Mosdero

Location: Theramore Isle

Built: Seven years back

Type: Transport ship of human make

Battles: The Sapphire hasn't been in any major battles. The crew's had to defend the ship a few times from the Theramore Marines, but it's never been on the offensive.

Past Ships


Captain: Azhalan

The Looter was the first ship shot down in the Battle of Stormwind Harbor. Captain Azhalan was a good friend of Varkaz's, and it is unknown if he is still alive.


Captain: Jazhrun the Ogre

Guttz (named by its ogre captain) was the second ship to be built into the Silversail Fleet. It was melted by gnomes in a raid on Booty Bay... Yeah.

Dorithur Ethala

Captain: Unknown

Dorithur Ethala was one of the two ships in the Battle of Stormwind Harbor that the guards burned. The other one was Stormchaser.


Captain: Raeyun Fireweaver

Stormchaser was one of the two ships in the Battle of Stormwind Harbor that the guards burned. The other one was Dorithur Ethala. Some think that Captain Fireweaver was also the captain of the Dorithur Ethala, since nobody can remember who the captain of that ship was. They suspect that Raeyun (still living) had a mage cast a spell to make everybody forget or just not realize that he captained both ships. If that's true, Admiral Thenux Silverfoot most likely wasn't affected by this spell.

Golden Wolf

Captain: Aldric Ravendawn

The Golden Wolf always just sat in one place, except for when moving to another place to stay. This is because Admiral Varkaz didn't trust Captain Ravendawn with his ship. When Ravendawn left the Corsairs, the Golden Wolf went to Undead Ced, who then sold it for a new, 'scarier'-looking ship, the Driftwood.


Captain: Captain Jun'teen

The Driftwood was built only a couple of months before its destruction (as a replacement for the Golden Wolf), and yet it went through three captains during that time: Undead Ced, Captain Jun'teen, and Captain Frikko.

Future Ships?

Admiral Varkaz recently had plans to build a new ship, Su Fala'andu, for Captain Dawnsinger, but he sold the unfinished ship to the Steamwheedle Cartel for unknown reasons.

In late May, Admiral Varkaz announced that he would have a new ship built for his fleet. He has left the name up to the new captain, Anadontis.

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