Sinare favors brightly colored shirts and goggles over the typical tailored robes most of her race seem to prefer. Her voluminous blond hair is tied in to a high ponytail, singed and frizzy strands falling loose around her face. She is often covered in soot and potion spills from her explosions and experiments. A faint whirring noise is always heard in her presence, due to the large amount of gadgets that fill her pockets and bags. She smells like a piece of machinery and her voice is somewhat deep and mechanical.


Sinare is inquisitive and a practical joker. She is fascinated by gadgets and explosions and is often found letting off fireworks. Although light hearted, Sinare takes her skills very seriously. She is ever working on combining the arts of alchemy and engineering to create new inventions, purely for interest and never for money. She prefers to take up odd jobs in order to fund her creations. She is friendly and sociable, however is often misunderstood.


Although she knows some of her past, through stories told by people she once knew, Sinare does not remember. She was involved in a Zeppelin accident and for a short period of time believed she was a Gnome.



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