Guild page for <The AHA>, or The Azerothian Herbologists Association.

The Basics

Some general information on what The Azerothian Herbologists Association is all about.

Out-of-Character (OOC)

The AHA is a heavy-roleplaying guild that seeks to promote more RP on Wyrmrest Accord by actively RPing in cities and hosting public events. As a guild, our secondary goal is naturally to play the game itself and to create a fun, friendly environment for our members to find group/quest mates together. We believe that all of the game's aspects should be considered in RP, and intend to take a dynamic approach to questing and PVPing, allowing both PVE and PVP to influence and create storylines.

In-Character (IC)

We're herbalists! We like to pick flowers and sell them and spread the joy of gardens all throughout Azeroth. ... or at least, that's what we'd like you to think. The Azerothian Herbologists Association is actually a cover for a secret investigative unit for the Alliance, one that tries to unravel the many mysteries slinking about in the world today. In order to attain absolute secrecy and avoid alerting our cases to our presence, we have put up a front as herbologists, posing as common civilians to throw off any suspicions.

The AHA takes its cover very seriously and will never hint towards its actual meaning; this is, after all, a professional organization. Many of its members are sleeper agents, unaware of one another (or aware merely through association in work), while others have been recruited on the basis that the AHA really is just a herbalists' union and are completely ignorant to its true meaning.

The Flowerama Shop

As proper herbologists (ho ho), we will be hosting an actual herbalism / alchemy shop once a week. It is held every Sunday at 5PM server-time. Anyone is free to attend, and we'd love to have you drop by!

Who to Contact

  • Slelis - Head Florist (GM).
  • You can also contact pretty much any of the other members for questions or to score an RP interview session, though you will need to have someone with a rank higher than Apprentice present in order to be invited. Please have a look at our Armory page to see who's what rank at present!

External Links

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