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About The Black Rose: Owned and operated by Silas Black, The Black Rose is a 100% player run tavern located in the empty bar over in the Dwarven district of Stormwind city. Since there are no NPC vendors at this location, Silas personally provides all the alcohol and food.

The Black Rose is the only tavern guaranteed to be open late every night, and it provides a great atmosphere for you to play your shadier characters... Silas also deals in weapons and armor, so if you need something (levels 10-25) be sure to come talk to him.

Hours: 7pm - 3am Realm Time

Alcohol Prices: Prices are set based on the fact that there are no NPC vendors

Bourbon: 19s Mead: 14s Dwarven Stout: 1s Thunder Ale: 1s Imports: from 15s - 1g depending on the drink.


1. No violence inside the bar. Attempted violence inside the bar will result in being asked to leave.

2. ABSOLUTELY NO DANCING ON THE BAR!! You may drink yourself stupid and dance all you want, but don't do it on the bar!

3. If you wish to work at the tavern, please see Silas IC and supply your own alcohol/food to sell.

4. Griefing and other forms of harassment will NOT be tolerated! You will be given one warning, and if the disruptive behavior continues, you will be reported.

5. Please keep OOC talk to a minimum, and if you must speak out of character, please do so via whisper to the person you intend to address. Brackets used in the /say channel are generally frowned upon.

6. With regard to foul language... Silas has a filthy mouth, as do some of his customers, so if you find this offensive, please do yourself a favor and frequent another establishment. That being said, foul language within reason will be allowed.

7. Absolutely NO ONE is allowed in the basement unless invited by a member of the staff.

8. Please be kind to those who are new to RP. This means you don't have to correct them every time they make a mistake. This event is meant to encourage RP, not discourage newcomers.

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