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An ancient and somewhat notorious line of Kal'dorei who have, throughout the ages, developed like freshly-laid eggs that have been left too long in the sun*. Though they once served as Sentinels and Druids, the Dellones have fallen far from their honorable past and have integrated themselves in Azeroth's underground. They are not so much crime lords as they are crime mongrels, and they are anything but ashamed of the fact. Their name may not hold much glory, but hey, as long as there's gold on the table at the end of the day, who cares?

A few of them have managed to break away from their relatives' misbehavior, but the influence of the name is so great that they've had to resort to desperate measures to redeem themselves. Mortigern Dellone, for example, has estranged himself from his family and given himself the name of "Vinesworth" in order to escape the dishonor of his birth name.

Player-characters in the Dellone family:

  • That is to say, "they've gone bad and probably smell funny."

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