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Huatar gripped his spear by its runic-laden shaft and drove the weapon into the ground before him. With his massive hands both still on the wooden shaft, Huatar knelt before the massive audience in the Amphitheater, a calm silence flushed over the faces of the Forsaken, Tauren, Orcs, Blood Elves, and Trolls alike. The Tauren Chieftain closed his eyes and bowed his head in honor and respect to the lineage the Spear held. With a low, baritone and boisterous utterance, Huatar spoke to the crowd.

"We all have our legends. We all have our origins; of where we came from, and why. Us Tauren pride ourselves on our outspoken history, but none truly know how we came to be. Legends arose from our utterances; tales of epic struggles and the deeds of those we know, love, and forever cherish passed down through the lines of many Tauren tribes and families to date." He nodded to himself, rose his head and opened his eyes to set them on the audience, "I am here to speak of the origin of my people, and it all begins with this weapon." He tightly gripped the Earthspear in his firm clutch, the runes on its shaft began to shimmer in the lowering sunlight. Huatar breathed in, then released one hand from the shaft of the spear to dig into his pouch. From there, he pulled out a handful of dust and grain, released his full grip from the Earthspear to turn to the bonfire behind him, not yet burning. Nonetheless, Huatar spread the dust around the charred logs, circled around the bonfire to spread more dust and grain over the base. This was to ensure the fires would burn brightly and rise to the heavens themselves.

He turned back to the audience as he shuffled back to the Spear, then ran his calm, blue eyes over the watching faces.

"I will share with you all the legend of my great ancestor," he calmly let out of his maw, "The epic struggle and legend of Ancestor Bronn Bravewind, a true warrior of the Shu'Halo if there ever was one. I will take you all back, many centuries before the arrival of the Orcs, to when Ancestor Bronn became what he would be known as by my people."

Chapter 1

Chapter 2

Chapter 3

Chapter 4

Chapter 5

Chapter 6

Chapter 7

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