For years the Fair Maiden has been an old abandoned tavern looming over the ghost town of Raven Hill. With the new immigration to the village, it has been refurbished, now being run by the The Lionheart Company.

Pre-First War

Before the Orcish Horde took ahold the beautiful village of Sunnyglade (now Darkshire) and it's neighbors, Raven Hill was a flourishing village which took pride in it's honor toward the undead, teaching the first embalmers of Azeroth. The center of joy in this sprouting village would most likely be the elegant Fair Maiden, Travelers and citizens alike enjoyed cold alcohol and sung hearty chanteys until they nodded themselves to sleep. Indeed, this was the golden age of the Maiden.

There are no scripts leading to the gentleman who ran the tavern at this time, but Bedaern, a member of The Lionheart Company, claims that his grandfather was the very one who brought such grand memories to those of Raven Hill.

The Center of Crime

Life can not always be pleasant. Records are unsure if whether it was the Horde or the Undead which ravaged Raven Hill of it's beauty. Regardless of the aggressors, the town and it's civilians were obliterated, leaving only musty ruins in their tracks.

These empty storefronts served as a convenient use for certain criminal organizations such as the Defias (post Second War). The Fair Maiden was used as a storehouse for illegal shipments being transported toward the newly-built towns of Elwynn and Westfall. After Darkshire was rebuilt, the crime rate decreased rapidly in Raven Hill due to the growing number of Night Watchmen patrolling the borders.

The Maiden: Renewed

With the new immigration to Raven Hill, The Lionheart Company had decided that they wanted a share of the profits. After realizing that the property price of his grandfather's land was increasing by the day, Bedaern hastily discussed the family property to Jeth Holywrought. With the help of other Lionhearts, the group rebuilt the Fair Maiden as it was when Raven Hill was in her finest.

Today, the Fair Maiden is used as a base for The Lionheart Company. They tend to store their "merchandise" in the basement and create other illegal items which sell well on the black market in several of the many tavern rooms. Little do the people of Raven Hill know that the Lionhearts have a much more intricate, powerful plan than simply running a tavern.

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