The Lionheart Company is a "family" of sorts who are the most recognised figures in the Stormwind Economic Market. While they appear as a chain of flourishing shop front owners and tavernkeeps, their real plan is on a much, much larger and more sinister scale.

The guild and its members are not evil - they do not want to see Stormwind simply burn to the ground - they are more focused on helping people for the right price.

The leader of the Lionhearts is one Jeth Holywrought, who often recruited those that displayed their talents in manipulating the economy of Stormwind, in particular the Black Market.


The Pig and Whistle

The Lionhearts would often run evenings of entertainment in the Pig and Whistle Tavern in Old Town of Stormwind City, that included magic shows by the fabulous Falrick Holywrought and the serving of drinks and food by Elsiere Cunningham and the Upper Economy branch of the Company.

The Parting of Ways

Recently, Jeth Holywrought announced his retirement, much to the surprise of the Company. The future of the Company was considered, however, two of Jeth's Underbosses, "C" and Elsiere Cunningham, had a child on the way and were in no fit position to lead to Company, while the third Underboss, Bayhas El'Sabban, had the skills, though not the experience to lead. Due to these facts, it was with a heavy heart that all employees were released from service and the Company disbanded until such a time that one would return to take the lead.

Jeth, with the company of his son, Falrick, and Lady Silver, travelled west to the lands of Kalimdor to live his retirement in peace.

The remaining members of the Company were left to their own devices; to continue a life of crime and murder, or to start their lives anew, no names remembered, all deeds forgotten.

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