Second Lieutenant Izosia Windblight leads the night's drill session.

Out-of-Character (OOC)

The Ninth Regiment is a heavy Roleplay guild with the main goal of inspiring on-world, as opposed to channel or guild chat, roleplay on Wyrmrest Accord. We hope to stimulate character development and interaction between the entire Roleplay community , not just among our guild members. A casual, friendly guild, our main focus absolutely is RP; grouping for PvE and PvP is welcome, but not at all expected or required.

Those seeking to join will undergo an interview, in which we ask for OOC information on the character's background and reason for being in the Ninth, and have an RP session in order to judge the quality of their RP.

In-Character (IC)

The Ninth Regiment, within the 23rd Legion of the Sin'Dorei army, is a recently formed and Silvermoon-assigned regiment with the stated purpose of assembling and carefully training the next generation of recruits. More of a bureaucratic gesture in response to the military devastation from the recent expeditions into Northrend than an effort of good will, the Ninth Regiment faces skepticism among the ranks of their counterparts.

As The Ninth is the most recently formed regiment, its ranks are filled with a plethora of 'unique' individuals, though largely blood elf due to its nature. As various powers sought to make it their own, or relieve themselves of 'problems', the Ninth Regiment found itself populated by fallen nobility, established civilians, 'trouble children' from other regiments, and even those who truly believed in nurturing the talent of future generations.

Headquartered in Silvermoon City, the Ninth Regiment's barracks, mess hall, and meager office space can be found off Farstrider Square.

The Ninth also uses a public channel for IC guild interaction, though we favor on-world RP. The channel is set through a transponder device which can be obtained by speaking to any Regiment officer (ICly), and drop in RP is welcome. Please ask any guild member for the channel name if you are interested in this manner of RP.

The Ranks

Major General (To Be Announced)

Advisor (To Be Announced)

The Ninth Regiment is further divided into several units. Listed here are officers of each unit.

  • Captain of the 9th, Madauin Ravensun
Lieutenant of the 9th, (To Be Announced)
  • Captain of the 13th, (To Be Announced)
Lieutenant of the 13th, (To Be Announced)
  • Captain of the 18th, Allarion Lightheart
Lieutenant of the 18th, (To Be Announced)


  • For recruitment and other inquiries, please OOCly contact any guild officer in game for further information, or visit our website!

External Links

The Ninth Regiment Forums

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