Wenzo Felsprocket is a gnomish survivor of the evacuation of Gnomeregan. He wanders about, typically in Stormwind and Ironforge.


Wenzo in Stormwind



This gnome has the usual stature for one of his race- About 3ft tall, with proportional arms and legs and a slighty disproportional head. His eyes are sunken, and constantly looking in all directions. They have a faint green glow, similar to a blood elf's glow but diluted. There is usually a bit of drool hanging out of his mouth, and his face is wrinkled. Simply by his expression, and constant twitching and drooling, one might be able to assume that he is insane.

General Story/Summary

Wenzo was a specialist in the enticing, binding, categorizing, and communication of nether beings. However, a summoning was interrupted by a rampaging trogg during the Fall of Gnomeregan, causing his will to slip and him to lose control of the being he was currently bringing into the world. The succubus invaded his mind, and he was forced to fight savagely to keep control of his mind.

This resulted in the splitting of his consciousness that is so easily noticed today. For most of the time, the majority of his intelligence and will is off somewhere in his mind, fighting off the control the demon wants to exert over him. This leaves a small part of his consciousness, the crazy part, to wander about and generally cause trouble with his body. While part of his will continually fights the demons, it is a losing battle. The demon siphons energy from him, at it's own will, and he has no control over that.


  • Aestaela has begun to investigate Wenzo's condition, in hopes of somehow curing her employee.

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