Xandar was my first well-leveled Paladin and roleplaying character until Wrath came out, which he then became a Death Knight. In opinion, he is one of my best-developed characters, because he has many weaknesses that can be exploited and many different emotions which make him more dynamic.

Inspirations include Colonel Benjamin Martin, from the Patriot.


Xandar Stormdragon is a Ebon Knight-Captain of the Stormwind Military, in leadership of the once-elite Royal Fourteenth Infantry Brigade. A former Paladin, Xandar still firmly believes in the teachings of the Light despite his condition as a Death Knight.

One of two brothers, Xandar was born to an unknown family and was given up for adoption to a Dwarven Blacksmith at a very, very young age. His brother, Xavier, eventually became a Mage Adept of the Kirin Tor while Xandar became a Paladin of the Silver Hand. During his first few years of service, Xandar was given command over one of the most laughable infantry companies of the Lordaeron Military. Eventually, through rigorous training and months of recruitment, the Royal Fourteenth Infantry Company became one of the most elite infantry brigade to fight in the Third War.

Xandar was witness to many events during the Third War. He took the Fourteenth to battle in Silverpine, to Andorhal, and then finally to Stratholme. When the Silver Hand disbanded, he ordered the Fourteenth to round up whatever survivors they could and take them south to Stormwind.


Xandar, as a high-ranking Officer of the Stormwind Military, gets himself involved with any issues that happen within Stormwind or its held territories.


Xandar has several weaknesses which can be easily exploited. One is his obsession over the death of his previous wife, Thisaya, at the Battle of Andorhal. His wife bore him three daughters-all of whom he loved.

Another is simply his arrogance and persistence. Whenever he becomes involved in something, he never rests until the situation is resolved or he, himself, is dead.



  • Xandar is considered, in my own opinion, one of my best-developed characters.

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