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"If you have no business here, kindly remove yourself from my presence before you find yourself reduced to a pool of sludge."

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Character Sheet

Full Name: Ash N. Shadow

In-game Name: Ashenshadow


Ash, Shadow



Former Title(s):

High Apothecary, Arcanist (Kirin Tor)


The Apothecary is not a physically strong Forsaken; his greatest muscle is his brain, even in his undead state. He  has a habit of wearing high amounts of purple, caused in part by his employment by the Kirin Tor in his former life. His posture is somewhat slouched, though he often looms above others condescendingly. He has no real opinion on fashion, feeling that if the attire is functional and effective in the work place, all else is on the matter is irrelevant.

Eye Colour:

Dark violet


His black and violet robes are of obvious Scourge origin, though why he wears them is a mystery to most. They carry a few slight modifications, as well, such as the runes that cover their surface. He carries a stave that houses at its tip an orb pulsing with still more dark energy. It swirls about rather unsettlingly, causing some that look into it for extended periods of time to suffer from mild nausea.

Noticable Features:

His robes are inlaid with multiple dark runes that offer an eerie glow, and he often tends to carry a magical artifact of some sort. He wears an armband of black fabric on his left upper-arm, which holds the mark of the Royal Apothecary Society.

Gestural Habits:

Shadow has the tendency to drum his fingers along his satchel, tabletops, or anything else is on hand in thought.


The Apothecary usually speaks in a somewhat polite and professional tone, laced with hints of condescension and irritation at times. He vary rarely ever uses words compounded by the use of apostrophes (such as isn't, weren't, haven't) in his speech, and his dialogue carries with it hints of a slight Lordaeronian accent. His deep voice is rather raspy, spoken as if having a bit of trouble breathing, though he does not require air.

Known Languages:

Common, Orcish, Gutterspeak, Demonic, written Kalimag, learning written Thalassian

Religeous Beliefs:

He is very rational, and is not the type to worship and follows no deity. However, he does heavily follow many of the teachings of the Cult of the Forgotten Shadow, although he is not a member himself.

Notable Skills and Talents

Shadow favors the use of the darker arts, such as demonic magics and necromancy, though he does not use these abilities in public often, and will probably resort to using other methods such as fire, or subtle curses should he ever enter combat, though his skill in this area is generally used for his various experiments. He was once a mage in life, and still recalls many incantations from it, and although he finds he is no longer capable of manipulating frost magic, he has knowledge of many other spells at his disposal. He is not the combative type, though his vast knowledge of magic and somewhat chaotic nature would make him an unpredictable foe to face. He is also adept in chemistry and herbology, and has occasionally served as a doctor over the years.


-Most physical pain is very dulled, making him fairly resiliant

-He is an expert in magics, especially shadow. If there is a way to defend against a magical attack, he probably knows it.

-Resistant to fairly high and low tempuratures

-Does not need water or air to survive

-Can empower a single school of magic at any one time to make is spells more potent or unlock more powerful versions for a time

-Is in possession of an amulet that grants slight resistance to both shadow and holy magic

-He is cunning, and adept at solving problems and getting out of sticky situations. He also has no problem fighting unfairly; he sees no reason to give his enemies an extra chance to defeat him


Kirin Tor, unbound demons (Burning Legion), Scourge, idiots


Identifies as a part of the Forsaken and of the Horde, though is equally as disliked by him as the Alliance, thus causing him to not prefer one side over the other. If he is given a reason to be hostile towards someone, banners are irrelevant. He is also not completely loyal to the Forsaken, and sides with them mostly out of convenience, and because they share a common plight. He assists them regularly, and though he doesn't actively attempt to betray them, he will occassionally disobey orders and break conduct.


-All of his relatives are supposedly deceased

-Lord Seita Gray, Master Apothecary

-Lady Ariietta Frostwalker, Lord Apothecary

-Ofelia Nicolo, friend

-James Monte Feltro, acquaintance

-Asonis Darkrunner, acquaintance

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