Aurelia Paige Titus (born June 11th, Year 9 ADP[2]) is a former Crimson Legion agent who worked under Inquisitor Damos Vethaun, posed as a new recruit to the Valiance Expedition under the name Aurietta Laius. She is the daughter of the famed Second War veteran and Royal Guard Commander — Archelus Titus.


Early life

Aurelia Paige Titus was born to Commander Archelus Titus and Ashlynn Titus two years after the Second War, in Northdale, Eastweald, Lordaeron. She was primarily raised in by her mother, rarely ever seeing her father due to his position as the commander of the Royal Guard in Capital City. She lived a simple life until the plague of undeath began to spread across the land of Lordaeron.

Scarlet Crusade

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Northrend Campaign

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Physical appearance

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Personality and traits

Aurelia is shown to be a very quiet individual, however in times of crisis, she will go out of her way to speak up for what she thinks is right. She often finds herself juggling with her morality and her loyalty to the Scarlet Crusade.

She is also very guarded, holding many of her emotions at bay even when around those she cares about.

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