"Protect my people, and I will protect you."
—Auroryn Dawnsworn

Lady Auroryn Dawnsworn[1] is a former farstrider of Quel'Thalas and matriarch of the House of Dawnsworn. She serves as a Ranger Captain in the Silver Covenant. Meant to succeed Aelorelle as Grand Mistress of the Dawnsworn Covenant, Auroryn determined the order defunct after the passing of her mother.

Juggling dual responsibilities of equal import to her people as a Silver Covenant officer and heir to the legacy of her mother, Auroryn can rarely be found in the Hinterlands, if at all. For this, she named her great-grandmother regent of the duchy-equivalent holdings, confident to return when she has learned to govern.

In the service of the Alliance, Auroryn commands an elite cadre of High Elf rangers alongside her equally seasoned colleague Natynna Morninglight. Together, they have led numerous surgical strikes employing ruthless guerrilla tactics, notably the Isle of Thunder.


Declared a woman come of true Thalassian heritage, Auroryn exemplifies the strong, angled facial features of her people and the mane of white hair the Dawnsworn styled as their crown of glory. The lofty bones of her cheeks married to a pronounced jawline fashion contours favored by elves and rarely glimpsed in man. Bowed lips as plump as cherries soften these angled traits, the color of her skin and tinged with pink.

Remarked as inheriting the full-figure of her mother, Auroryn is a woman graced in sensuality and supple form. Outside of her farstrider finery, her garments are form-fitting and snug, moreso at her ample bosom and hips whose girth suggests certainty of childbearing.


Displaying an eagerness for archery and interest in communing with nature, Aelorelle allowed her daughter to enlist in one of the most respected divisions of the High Kingdom's forces. Auroryn was considered little more than an upstart by her betters, but the emergent ranger persevered in her education and began her military career in earnest following her promotion to the rank of Farstrider. Commended for her use of druidic magic to pinpoint and neutralize threats, Auroryn earned a name for herself as "Aelorelle's Pride" and garnered reputation as a seasoned tracker.

Auroryn herself idolized Alleria Windrunner, and when the Horde invaded Lordaeron, she followed her hero to combat them in Southshore during the conflict that history would remember as the Second War. Her diligence in battle, deference to the judgement of her commanding officers and prowess saw her promoted to the rank of Captain from Lieutenant in the fight to defend Silvermoon City.

Unlike many of her kin, Auroryn placed little blame on mankind for the destruction of their bordering forests, and followed her mother's example in refusing to cut ties with Lordaeron. Firmly, Auroryn and Aelorelle believed humans and elves would need each other again.


Farstrider Finery

Auroryn is beheld in the classical finery of Farstrider chainmail afield more often than not. Surprisingly pliant, the attire has been noticeably repaired time and time again. A gift from her mentor, Ranger Lady Selreyn Evermorn, she dons this armor as homage to the original Farstriders whose mandate was the protection of Quel'dorei across Azeroth and beyond.

When she must be fleet-footed, she garbs herself in green chainmail in homage to Alleria Windrunner.

Like many elves, both sets of armor are enchanted with resistance to Unholy and shadow magic. While remarkable, this defense is not completely impervious. She is still very much vulnerable to forms of elemental magic employed by shamanistic casters. A circlet carven of elvish steel is marked with writings that serve as a ward against mental probing and psychological attacks.

Notable Appearances

  • The Third War
  • The Fall of Quel'Thalas
  • The Restoration of the Sunwell
  • The Battle for Icecrown Citadel
  • The Isle of Thunder
  • Siege of Orgrimmar


(( A lovely TRP pointed me in the direction of this test, and when taken from Auroryn's perspective, gave me a thorough understanding of her personality type! ))


"ESTJs are representatives of tradition and order, utilizing their understanding of what is right, wrong and socially acceptable to bring families and communities together. Embracing the values of honesty, dedication and dignity, people with the ESTJ personality type are valued for their clear advice and guidance, and they happily lead the way on difficult paths. Taking pride in bringing people together, ESTJs often take on roles as community organizers, working hard to bring everyone together in celebration of cherished local events, or in defense of the traditional values that hold families and communities together.

The main challenge for ESTJs is to recognize that not everyone follows the same path or contributes in the same way. A true leader recognizes the strength of the individual, as well as that of the group, and helps bring those individuals' ideas to the table. That way, ESTJs really do have all the facts, and are able to lead the charge in directions that work for everyone."


  • Dedicated
  • Strong-willed
  • Direct and Honest
  • Loyal, Patient, Reliable
  • Enjoys Creating Order
  • Excellent Organizer


  • Inflexible, Stubborn
  • Uncomfortable with the Unconventional
  • Judgemental
  • Too Focused on Social Status
  • Difficult to Relax
  • Difficulty Expressing Emotion

Unlike her mother, Auroryn places little value in the sentimental and demands a methodical approach to problem-solving. Universally noted as a woman of rigidity, too often her tight-lipped mannerisms are taken as a disinterest in those around her. In some cases, this is true. Her position as an Alliance officer does not preclude her from basic manners and courtesies, as seen when attending social affairs or greeting those of higher or equal status. Despite having lived twice or thrice as long as a number of officers above her rank within the Alliance military, Auroryn still heeds orders given.

In return, the ranger expects deference from those under her leadership and enforces discipline within the Silver Contingent. Although she has never been ascribed warmth or fondness, she believes that much of what she does is to ensure her own return mostly unharmed.

Individuals such as Cindrea Emberblade, Zackary Leingod and Lilliana Walthorn have been the rare receivers of her affections, and while the feelings vary from friendship to a romantic interest, Auroryn ensures the lengths she would to ensure their welfare and peace of mind.

Blood Purity

For a time, Auroryn vehemently spoke out against the idea of elves and humans mixing their heritage. She even secretly criticized her own idol, Alleria Windrunner, for giving birth to a half-elf. It is unknown what changed her stance so drastically, as the Ranger Captain gave her late mother her blessing to marry a human man, and whatever future children of mixed parentage they might bring into the world.

Natynna Morninglight

Auro and Nat 1
Natynna Morninglight

Natynna Morninglight is one of the closest friends to Auroryn Dawnsworn next to Cindrea Emberblade. The two have known each other since the earliest days of their childhood, and from their shared admiration for Alleria Windrunner was born their friendship. A longstanding camaraderie exists between them, having served in the Farstriders in several conflicts alongside each other. As a pair, they have suffered the losses of friends, committed heinous deeds for the greater good and brought one another back from the precipice of death countless times.

Natynna is tanned by the long hours she has spent in the sun, preferring her chestnut hair chopped and bobbed to frame her jawline. She serves the Silver Covenant alongside Auroryn Dawnsworn, just a rank under her authority.

The Silver Covenant

Multiple times, the Silver Covenant attempted to recruit Auroryn, and for several years she declined to respect the wishes of her mother. The Lady Dawnsworn had reservations about the youngest Windrunner sister and the purpose of the Silver Covenant, which led to her founding the Dawnsworn Covenant. Aelorelle believed in seeing the High Elves welcomed to the capital as though they were still a longstanding ally to humanity, and while to a degree she admired the work of the Silver Covenant, several elves had confided in the Duchess they felt shackled to Dalaran.

It wasn't until Pandaria was unraveled from the mists that Auroryn enlisted, permitted to retain her rank earned in Quel'Thalas service. Leading a squad of rangers and scouts, Auroryn and other assorted Ranger-Captains led necessary surgical strikes critical to the Alliance. She was largely responsible for the upkeep of relations between the Dawnsworn and Silver Covenants, though there was little if no tension to ease.

The Dawnsworn Covenant

As to be expected of a dutiful daughter, Auroryn was equally supportive of her mother's organization until the Duchess passed away. Several of its members remarked seeing much of Aelorelle in her, and had high hopes she would embody the goals of the Covenant. While the death of Aelorelle forced Auroryn to name the group defunct, much of her friendships made there continue to flourish, and the emblem of the Dawnsworn Covenant has been made a silvery image at her arm from immaculate body ink.


  • Druidic tracking is a method of tracking used by Farstriders and other elven rangers in which they commune with flora and plantlife. This tracking is only effective in lush terrain, and in such regions as the tundra or the barren Outlands, can prove unfavorable and futile. Auroryn dedicated much of her life honing her tracking skills, and does considerably well with what she is given.
  • Elven rangers are lauded for their marksmanship, and the Ranger-Captain is no different. While her skills cannot meet that of the Windrunner sisters, she is still thought a formidable foe. She prefers bows of elvencraft, often looking on guns with repugnance and remarks they are "too graceless" for a Farstrider.
  • Auroryn underwent rigorous training to master both bow and blade, thus she is learned in wielding short swords and daggers. Nonetheless, she will resort to any means to avoid melee combat, going so far as to take up knife throwing.


  • Arkana'endal: When roughly translated, the bow's name in common is "Breath of Magic" or "Breath of Arcane." Arkana'endal was bequeathed to Auroryn from Enarielle Windsong, a ranger of superior marksmanship who was one of the elves slain under command of Sylvannas Windrunner in the battle to stave off Arthas from Quel'Thalas. Auroryn has the option to nock an arrow or pluck the string and conjure an arcanic equivalent that inflicts more damage. Whenever the mana core of Arkana'endal is exhausted, she ventures to Dalaran to have another crafted specifically for its design. Auroryn will only resort to these arcanic blows in the most dire of situations, dedicating herself to a reliance on her marksmanship alone in the event the core is depleted during combat.
  • Throwing Knives: The ranger carries an assortment of throwing knives on her person when she goes into battle, or simply alone through the streets of a city. They possess no special qualities and are expendable.

The Duchess of Aran'Thalas

Aelorelle Dawnsworn the Radiant

The sometimes haphazard work of the Dawnsworn Covenant gave Enlathielle Dawnsworn cause to counsel her granddaughter in drafting her will. The beneficiaries were comprised of close friends to the Lady of Aran'Thalas, her children and members of her Covenant who proved their loyalty countless times. Seneschal and Viscountess Perrinae Helmynth advised who ought to receive what, and how much. Unbeknownst to Auroryn, Perrinae proposed her as Heir Apparent. It was only when Aelorelle lay pitifully in her bed, the sickness sapping her of strength and sight, that she made it known.

Distraught and feeling unprepared to govern, Auroryn and Perrinae clashed several times over the will. Only when it was revealed that there were no other options did Auroryn begrudgingly accept, primarily to honor her mother and the denizens of Aran'Thalas. Enlathielle and Auroryn came to an agreement, that while Auroryn might retain the title, her great grandmother would preside over the duchy while she served the Grand Alliance as one of few High Elf rangers. While she still makes appearances to the vassals, largely, she is more concerned with continuing promotions throughout the Farstrider ranks.


Auroryn's desire to do right by the people is imparted into every theater of her life. While most take this philosophy for its cardinal idea of leading a selfless and generous lifestyle, the Ranger Captain applies the less explored, more controversial notion that everything must be done for the greater good. Her repeated mantra of "the needs of the many far exceeds that of the few" has often put her at odds with her peers. Foolhardy attempts at heroism that blatantly defy reason are the quickest way to evoke her anger, particularly when they result in more casualties.

She is a staunch opponent of fatalists, believing that all things happen as one chooses to, rather than believing all things happen as they do because fate has decided it so.


The Young Lion

"You truly embody the spirit of your people."

—Auroryn Dawnsworn to Zackary the night after King Varian's memorial

Cindrea Emberblade introduced Auroryn Dawnsworn and Zackary Leingod to one another shortly after the two friends were reunited. Although at first she saw him as little more than the friend of a friend, his heartening presence and human features began to charm her. Those who know her intimately say that when she speaks of him, there is a noteworthy warmth in her admiration. Neither have admitted to the growing feelings.

Cindrea Emberblade

"I've already mourned you once. Don't make me do so again."

—Auroryn vowing to Cindrea that they will never be separated again

Auroryn and Cindrea have known one another since the days of Quel'Thalas. Long have the elves of Dawnsworn regarded the elves of Emberblade as esteemed, and it was from this admiration that Auroryn and Cindrea began their friendship. Originally seeing one another as friendly rivals, Auroryn would remark that Cindrea was encumbered by her plate. The latter would often retort that rangers are best at hiding during battle. The rivalry was, in truth, their expression of admiration for the abilities of the other. Auroryn is vocally protective of her friend, but in a capacity that also respects the crusader's strengths.

Lilliana Walthorn

"Your mother is still here, Auroryn. I always see herin you."

—Lilly to Auroryn when both grieved over the death of Aelorelle

Lilliana was originally Lady-in-Waiting to Aelorelle Dawnsworn, but her natural warmth and aptitude for easing those around her made her more a friend to the Dawnsworn family than anything. The death of Aelorelle brought the pair closer together, and Auroryn will often seek her out for advice. If Cindrea cannot be found, one can expect Lilliana to be another confidant of the Ranger Captain.

Thorelle Dawnsworn

"I will not be around enough to be true kin, but she has already lost her birth parents, and now my mother. I will not give her up."

—Auroryn when confronted about the lack of time she spends with her adopted sister

Thorelle Aurora Dawnsworn is the adopted child of Aelorelle Dawnsworn and Thoratun Ashfury. She is a human child of eleven who lost her parents in the Iron Horde invasion. Despite being adopted, she bears remarkable resemblance to her adopted parents with her sea glass blue eyes and head of inky black curls. Thorelle was especially close to several members of the Dawnsworn Covenant, and even Auroryn found a charm in the child's blossoming wit. When Aelorelle died, Thorelle was sent to spend most of her time with Thoratun.

Much of the joy has been robbed from Thorelle's life with the passing of her adopted mother, something Auroryn hopes to renew with enough time spent together.

Faerynn Firesong

"She might be a paladin, but the virtues of respect, compassion and tenacity could hardly describe her."

—Auroryn about Faerynn

Faerynn Firesong is a Blood Elf paladin and proudly declared "kinslayer". She takes pride in how many Silver Covenant soldiers she has put to the sword and holds the remaining Quel'dorei in severe repulsion. During the conflict of the Isle of Thunder, Faerynn specifically targeted Auroryn, taunting her about the dwindling number of High Elves.

Faerynn is a woman often remarked for her beauty, but Auroryn contends this fairness is tarnished by her arrogance and blood thirst.


  • Auroryn's name is the product of the player's interest in Roman mythology, more specifically the Roman Goddess of the dawn: Aurora. There are small, muted themes across the character that allude to this. Auroryn in-game will often remark to her kin to "look to the dawning sun" when times are bleak, an in-character reference to the diurnal lifestyle of the High Elves and slight out-of-character reference to Aurora's representation of renewal and the new hope of each beginning day.
  • Auroryn and her player share a favorite food: curry! Auroryn has a fond friendship with a Pandaren chef who will sate her addiction for the spicy dish on occasion.
  • A more comedic aspect of Auroryn's role-play is the running joke about her admiration for Alleria Windrunner. Friends will often remark she has a "secret shrine" dedicated to the legendary Windrunner elf.
  • Auroryn wept when Alleria was presumed dead, but she feels no sympathy for her younger sister, Sylvanas.
  • A Draenei shaman spirit-healer helped her mother come to terms with the death of someone in the family. Auroryn currently seeks the same "therapy", still grieving for a number of people in her life.
  • "Storm Song" by Phildel would certainly be one of Auroryn's favorite songs were it to exist on Azeroth, and the singer Enya would be her favorite artist.
  • Auroryn adores the Quel'dorei's chosen steed -- the unicorn. She has a pendant hewn of silver, carven to the shape of one's head.

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