"Great is the Light! All enemies of the Light shall be wiped out! Light willing! "
—Baldwynn Brighthammer

Baldwynn Brighthammer[1] is the Highlord of the Order of the Faithful and a former Scarlet Crusader. He is known for his zealous ideologies and his rather blunt approach to retake the Kingdom of Lordaeron from the undead.


Early life

Baldwynn Brighthammer was born three years after the First War in Andorhal, Lordaeron. His father Arthur Brighthammer, was a well-known paladin of the Silver Hand, serving alongside many well-known paladins. His mother, Mildred, was a simple tailor and homemaker. Baldwynn was the apple of his father's eyes. An only child with somewhat of a spoiled childhood, he grew up having whatever wanted he wanted whenever he wanted it. Things changed when his father fell against the undead scourge that roamed and plagued their lands.

Scarlet Crusade

In his adolescence, Baldwynn was gifted with the ability to wield the holy light, much like his father before him. It wasn't much later until Baldwynn's mother died from an unknown illness, driving the young paladin into an even darker plane of existence. It was around this time that the young Brighthammer was initiated into the Scarlet Crusade. The Crusade and it's famous contemporaries molded and shaped the young man into an unquestioning soldier, filing the lad with an undying hatred for the undead and a strict moral system.

Order of the Faithful

Through his years serving the Crusade, the young paladin eventually grew in rank, soon leading his own faction, the Order of the Faithful. As the commanding officer of his order, the zealous paladin and his men carved a path in the northernmost recesses of Lordaeron, striking fear into the remaining living, scourge, and forsaken like no other. It was not long after the ousting of the corruption tat had plagued the Crusade that the zealous order disbanded. The zealous Brighthammer took those who would listen and brought them into a new order, leading them to victory once again in the Plaguelands and abroad, fulfilling the light's duty and dishing out its justice.[1]

Physical appearance

Baldwynn is a tall and muscular man, standing at an impressive 6'3". His black hair is wavy and thick, long and kept at his shoulders in a messy style. However, the strands are usually contained by his helmet or whatever sort of covering he may choose to adorn his face with. A thick, but well-kept beard also frames his face. His eyes are of a deep and rich sapphire hue and compliment his fair skin tone nicely.

He can be seen almost always clad in all sort of plate armor fit for a knight of a high-ranking position within a holy order. A large greatsword is always seen slung across his back. His body is extremely well-toned and muscular from years of tough training and rigorous exercise.[1]

Personality and traits

Baldwynn can be bigoted and zealous in certain situations. He is very unaccepting and distrusts other races. Though he is kind to those he cares for, he doesn't care for many and often views those who disagree with his beliefs as heretics. Approaching Baldwynn can be tough for those who do not know him or those who are not prepared for his zealousness and bluntness. If one were to crack the tough outer shell of the armored paladin, they would find a broken man who lives for his family and to serve the light. The ghosts of his past haunt his life, often leaving the seasoned paladin in moods where he'd rather be left alone or with his family.[1]

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