Because the sun has not yet risen on the day when Bashkuga, born out of the pit of Hellfire Peninsula, will face death graciously. I will kick and claw and bite and scratch and spit my last breath in its face, and as long as you are with me, you will do the same, is that clear?


Built like a tall and powerful Orc warrior should be, he has a deep green flesh tone, and red eyes. His tusks are short and sharp. Just below his tusks sprout a pair of 'saw blade' styled beard strands which matches the same style and color of hair atop his head.

Aside from numerous scars along his arms, neck and torso that he wears as badges of honor, the Orc has a crude black tattoo burned into the flesh of his right shoulder, like a brand. One particularly deep scar runs across the front of his neck in a single, clean cut.

Special Characteristics:

When he becomes overly aggressive or frustrated, his speech breaks down into that of a simpleton and he sometimes speaks in the third person.

Combat Information

Fighting style(s)

Bone Crusher - Originally Bashkuga's only know style of combat was that of the Bone Crusher. This style of combat focuses on raw power and unstoppable momentum, becoming a juggernaut through nothing but sheer force of will and muscle. Most often this style involves the use of crushing or cleaving weapons, or short of that, hand to hand combat. The use of armor in this combat style is often minimal, but when it is used, it augments his already natural flesh armor to near supernatural levels of endurance. This style most often uses two weapons if any.

Physical attacks and techniques:

The Double Deuce - Swinging both fists down upon his opponent, Bashkuga can disarm them by wrenching their shoulders, or at times, even dislocating them. This move can be augmented with a pair of axes, which can make the move much more effective...and messy.


  • Saronite War Axe (No longer used.)

    Saronite War Axe (No longer used)

  • Throwing Axes. (Four.)
  • Warsong Howling Axe.


Bashkuga holds great respect for those that show great physical strength and prowess, but tends to look down upon Rogues, thinking of them as sneaky backstabbers, who shy away from a real fight and care only for themselves. He also has a strong dislike for Warlocks, due to how much they corrupted his people, and Mages, feeling they are not much better then Warlocks. Cowards that hide behind the true Warriors, and throw spells from a safe distance.

He has respect for those that work as healers, and the most respect for those that would wade into the midst of battle and fight side by side those they choose to heal, such as Druids and Shaman. His opinion of Paladin tends to be on a case by case basis, finding that most Alliance Paladin are strong, and worthy of respect, but that Sin'dorei Paladin are whiny, self absorbed and over dramatic.

Although he appreciates fine weaponry, he rarely strays from the use of axes, or fists, in fights. At times he will grudgingly accept the use of armor, but when he does, he still refuses to cover his upper armors or chest, feeling that it restricts his movements, as well as dishonors the spirits that watch over him. His hide has become thick enough to act as a natural armor, and his faith in the spirits protection augments even that.


Endurance. The life of a Bone Crusher is an intense one. His existence is purely to master the physical, to become a living weapon and to become unstoppable. A Bone Crusher can run at full speed through a platoon of armored opponents, crushing them under toe or throwing them into the air. They have the stamina to charge for hours without needing to stop or slow. Their hides can deflect attacks that would pierce the flesh of most mortals.


Temper. Bashkuga's temper can overwhelm his better nature and more intelligent persona, even moreso then that of other Orcs. When the Blood Fury rises up within Bashkuga, his mind falls back to a less intelligent and more beastial state, even his speech and mannerisms becoming far simpler. Such a state does not reverse itself as soon as the source of the fury is over, but takes a great deal of concentration most often achieved through meditation, or a loss of conciousness (either from force or from sleep).

He has limited to no understanding of the use of fel or divine magics. His lack of armor leaves him vulnerable to poisons and extreme changes in temperatures. His skill with ranged weaponry is modest at best, and while he does possess some Shamanstic abilities, they require more concentration to use then most.


Born a standard Orc Grunt. At the front lines of the Horde as they exited the Dark Portal, he was part of the first attacks on humans.

As the Horde spread out it's forces more, Bashkuga thought that most of the humans of this world were like the farmers and travelers they had encountered so far, but he, along with many others, learned his lesson when they attempted to attack the bastion of Stormwind.

The war went on, and through many twists and turns, the treachery of the Warlocks, and the manipulation of Blackhand was exposed. During this time, Doomhammer, took command, crushing the Warlock's web. Even though Doomhammer inspired the troops, and commanded far more of Bashkuga's respect then Blackhand, the damage had been done, and the Orcs lost the War once the humans created their Alliance.

Bashkuga was locked away in concentration camps along with many of his brethren, but he waited and planned his escape. The Orcish camps were exceedingly easy to escape from, save for the guards, but the guards became more and more complacent. The escape would have gone off perfectly, but a female orc had died during childbirth. It was just before the guards were about to put it out of it's misery that Bashkuga sprang into action, stealing away into the woods with the child in a violent escape.

He spent much of his years in the forests of Silverpine, surviving through hunting, gathering and fishing. But he was overwhelmed by a ravenous and well organized group of Worgen, only to be saved by a pair of Nomadic Shaman. He and the small child he had named "Bean", were brought to a cave where the Shamans healed his wounds. Upon regaining consciousness, Bashkuga spoke to the Shaman about their heritage and about what he'd heard about his own races former use of the elements.

He requested of them to teach him what they knew of the elements, . At first, they were resistant to the idea of giving an Orc any control over the elements, but eventually agreed. They explained that the training would take many months, if not years, and that the infant would do better elsewhere. The Shaman had rescued a second traveler, a human female, and would convince her to take the child somewhere he would be cared for. Bashkuga agreed, and his training began.

Quickly, Bashkuga learned that his strength was not use of the elements. Years of focusing on physical power had taken it's toll, and he had a hard time allowing himself to act like the casters he despised so. It was through this that they realized that Bashkuga's talents would lie with the spirits of his past, and he was a prime candidate for being a Spirit Champion.

Much time passed and Bashkuga emerged from his training. He would not speak of it to others, but after much solitude, the Orc came to peace. He would spend much of his future years in war against the Burning Legion on Azeroth, and eventually come to aid the Argent Dawn. It was there he learned how Arthas, the vessel of Ner'zhul, sat in his fortress in Northrend, commanding the undead from the safety of his Frozen Throne.

It was later, much later, that he heard of the Dark Portal's reopening, and how the Horde sought to reclaim their former homeland. It was the first time in a long time that the Orc wished to see his homeland once again, and with all the strength and skill he had learned from his travels, he prepared for a homecoming he had been waiting for longer then he ever realized.

(Rest is a WIP)


Want to kill me? I'd prefer you give it some real effort and stop wasting my time.

You should know by now that you can never trust any Orc... except me.

Even crippled I would much prefer to attack than instruct our men to make peace with their various dieties!

We don't make appointments!

Now can we kill them?

Think of it this way, either it's the end of it all, or you'll have a magnificent tale to tell your children.

Genetic propagation is one of the few endeavors worth the risk of death.

Do you think you're the first one to try and kill me? You'll have to work harder.

Why is it every time someone yells 'For the Horde!' stupid people start doing stupid things?


  • Very rarely resorts to the use of Swords or Polearms, feeling the use of the Axe and Mace honors his ancestors.
  • He is an excellent cook, although has no problem eating raw meat.
  • He has a soft spot for children. Why is not known.

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