Briony O'Reilly[1] is a Gilnean harvest witch and a member of the Oathsworn. She is presumably a member of the House of O'Reilly and affiliated with the Raven Alliance.


Early life

Briony was born in Gilneas a few years after the Second War. She was presumably born to the Gilnean noble family, the House of O'Reilly. Many people thought of her to be strange due to her peculiar habits such as leaving sticks and twigs in her hair and never wearing shoes. Sometime during her adolescence, she became a harvest witch.

Order of the Golden Law


Physical appearance

Briony stands at a very short 5'2", often seen grubby with dirt on her arms or face. Her mahogany hair is long, but ill kept and slightly snarled. There can be leaves seen in it, sometimes twigs, If you call it a "rat's nest", she would respond that she has more fondness for a bird's nest. Thank you, very much.

Though she does have a bit of sass to her, Briony tends to be shy and naive, save for a few outspoken bursts, rare moments of wisdom, and giving people strange nicknames. She's sweet-natured and kind, having a thing for animals and herbs.

She's a healer and a shapeshifter, a typical Gilnean harvest witch. Her hands normally remained gloved, hiding discolored burn scars on her palms and fingers.

Personality and traits

Notes and references

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