Meida, not understanding what it meant to be in the Scarlet Crusade, designed the Campion's Champions tabard after it.


Campion's Champions is a "fan club" created by Meida Northstar in order to "help" Miles Campion whenever he needed it. It was originally formed to cheer him on over his trip to Northrend. Campion only barely is aware of this club. It currently acts as a channel for random acts of kindness in the name of Campion.


Although there are many unofficial members of Campion's Champions, the three original characters to form the club were Meida Northstar, Tezzy, and Ruepert.


Out-of-Character, Meida lacks the time commitment or organization skills to brush everything together enough to make Campion's Champions much more than a vanity guild affiliated with the Kamil te Kar. The guild was disbanded in the winter of 2010-2011 for inactivity, but still exists.

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