The Wyrmrest Accord Wiki was founded in 2009 and has had hundreds of pages and profiles posted here over the years. Unfortunately people move on from servers or from the game to other mediums, leaving ghosts of characters that are no longer there, or just leaving incredibly out of date articles of existing characters in their wake.

Rather than delete these highly outdated profiles, the WRA Wiki team has chosen to preserve all the creative writing and work people have put into he wiki while still making the main wiki be far more current. The solution was to move these ancient profiles in a separate namespace called "Archive". Here you will find older, out of date content, which you might want to review for nostalgia, for inspiration, or perhaps you want to update your own profile and don't know where your character went.

If you wish to pull one of your own characters out of the archive, feel free to copy the contents of the page and create a new article. You may want to consider using a character creation boilerplate at the top of the new page editor to create a template for you then transition your information into the new article. If you have any questions regarding the style of the wiki, check out our guidelines.