"Strength of mind and body is key."
—Centorus Cordatus

Centorus Cordatus is the High General of the Scarlet Templars.


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Physical appearance

Centorus is a 6'4", herculean man wearing a tabard with the Scarlet Flame. The most distinct feature about the man is his overwhelming presence. Whether it be because of his physical strength, the radiant power of the Light within him, or a combination of both, his appearance gives a very strong impression. [2]

He has long, jet black hair and an untamed beard. Though rugged, and perhaps intimidating, he seems approachable enough.

Described accurately as a powerful individual, he gleams with determination that could move mountains. Visible in every step of his is an unyielding resolve, forged by years of hardship.

Centorus has various scars across his body that have their own stories:

  • -Three overlapping scars running across his chest from right shoulder to the left of his waist
  • -An X-shaped scar over his left shoulder
  • -Zigzag scar running down the right side of his neck
  • -A faded circular scar over his left shoulderblade

Personality and traits

Despite his intimidating appearance, Centorus is actually a really nice guy who likes to help others betetr themselves. He holds highly the three virtues of the Holy Light: Respect, Tenacity, and Compassion. He's a bit quiet, especially in larger groups, but he usually demands attention when he speaks. He has a natural disposition against dark forces in general due to his upbringing, and is a worshiper of the Holy Light. Thus, his worst hatred is for demons, undead and beings of the void, and he will not hesitate to slay them when given the opportunity.

His goals of self-improvement are prominent in his daily activities, such as his intense training and constant study of philosophical literature. Thus, he can have some profound moments from time to time, but it would be very difficult for him to change much about himself. He extends his way of life to his comrades, and is always willing to help a friend in need. He treats all of his order as good friends, and he treats all of his good friends with respect.

He hates dwelling on the negative things in his life because he would rather be pushing forward to make things better for himself and others. He puts his past behind him and focuses on every detail of the present moment, analyzing every possible circumstance, and preparing himself to face anything that comes his way with courage.[2]

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