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"The first step for peace in Azeroth is to settle our angers and remove these banners of factions. We are neither Horde nor Alliance, but people who wish to end these unneeded wars and folly hostility. The Legion won't care if what faction we stand by, we will all die the same if we do not unite."
—Chaeryl Sunshatter

(I'll update this at a later time, the information here is very outdated and isn't in-line with the current story line! I have decided to rework her story. I have fresh inspiration.)

this is all derp :D

Chaeryl Sunshatter (Chaeryl Kor'katair Sunshatter) [1], is the Ruler of Aloras'zune. It boasts a neutrality and opportunity for all. Once a distinguished Sin'dorei and fierce combatant of the Horde, Chaeryl has relinquished her Blood Knight status, to many Thalassian Loyalist's distaste. Some claim it to be betrayal, however, Chaeryl carries on with her claim on neutrality. Five hundred and twenty six Blood Knights did the same, joining Chaeryl and the Alors'zune's forces. Chaeryl is no longer seen as the once great war hero as before, she is now a traitor in the eyes many Sin'dorei.

She is the eldest surviving sibling of Zalidria and Keyad Sunshatter; and is the current Lady of House Sunshatter. Chaeryl is the succeeding Belore'dinoriel ("Sun Keeper") of the restored Sunshatter House ruling over Aloras'zune formally ruled by the almost decimated House of Sunkeep after victory over the war between herself, her-now-Sunwardens and the deceased Felsworn noble, Naruion Sunkeep.

Abridged History

"Even while young Chaeryl seemed tall. Too tall for her age. Her body was fully sculpted, her features firmly chiseled. The intelligence of her mind, the sensuality of her lips, the ambitious intensity of her gaze were set forever."

Physical Description

- rewriting.

Personality and Traits

- reworking.


  • Notable events, places, wars, Chaeryl has been a part of.

Positions of Power

Preceded by: Matriarch of House Sunshatter Succeeded by:
Erodin Sunshatter (As Patriarch.) Chaeryl Sunshatter Incumbent
Preceded by: Belore'dinoriel of the Sunshatter Dynasty Succeeded by:
Erodin Sunshatter Lady Chaeryl Sunshatter Incumbent
Preceded by: Sovereign of Aloras'zune Succeeded by:
Naruion Sunkeep Lady Chaeryl Sunshatter Incumbent


Notable Relationships


"If today is truly the day I die, let me die of exhaustion from fighting back!"
—Chaeryl Sunshatter, during the Siege of Icecrown Citadel.
"The sun shall never extinguish."
—Lady Chaeryl Sunshatter
"Stay alert, our enemy nears."
—Chaeryl Sunshatter, in the battle of Icecrown Citadel.

Notes and references

  1. Chaeryl Sunshatter - Total Roleplay 3

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