Cheng'li[1] is a Night elf sentinel who served as the Grand Sentinel of the Order of the Golden Law and later the Oathsworn.


Early life

Born in Darkshore a small time after the War of the Satyr, Cheng’li grew up playing games with a few other friends and pretending to be Dragons. As a young child, Cheng’li was an aspiring Priestess of Elune and showed great growth in the magic of healing. However, she was put into training as a Sentinel due to many of the Night Elves being lost in war. While training to be a Sentinel Huntress, she meet a young medicine man named Allinden who befriended her. After decades and centuries of being traveling partners, they fell in love and became life-mates.

The two settled in Feralas and where blessed two children after a course of 100 years with a third on the way. Allicade, the first of their children, was born with lovely Amber Eyes and sent to train to become a Druid of the Talon. Their second, Ellizea, was fast and swift alike that to her mother. However, during the War of the Shifting Sands her village was attacked by the Qiraji and Silithid. During the battle against the fowl creatures while Aillinden and Cheng’li where fighting for their vilalge, a Qiraji found its way into her home and murdered her Daughter brutally. If that was not enough, a Silithid stabbed Allinden through the heart and killed him instantly. Cheng’li, in her heart break of losing not only her Daughter and Life-Mate, gave still-birth to her daughter she name Finnathe. After the War of the Shifting Sands was over, Lee returned to Darkshore to care and help Allicade.

Years went past and soon enough Allicade was 150 years of age, and an aspiring Druid of the Talon. While he was training, Cheng would sometimes bring him out on hunts and teach him how to fire a bow and use different weapons. One day Lee decided to take her son to Wintergarde to teach him how to survive in cold weather Azeroth can give. After hours of hunting and setting up a shelter, they found a handsome white stag to have for dinner. After Cheng shot and killed it, Allicade went out to go look over the body, unaware of what he was standing on. The ice of the Lake Kel’theril broke under allicades feet and swiftly pulled him under. Panicked, Cheng dived in after him only to pull up the Stag body, then her already drowned son. Her devastation settled in again, leaving her in a great depression and self-harming state.

After her long journeys around Azeroth to attempt to either die or recover from the loss of her Life-Mate and children, she returned to the Sentinel Ranks to aid in the Third War. Years after the War she found herself traveling once more, which lead her to Stormwind hoping to find a place she may settle in. The Order of the Golden Law took her into their ranks, gladly giving her a family she longed to have.

Physical Appearance

Cheng’li is a tall Night Elf Beast Master, holding herself with a sense of dignity and awareness. Her messy dark blue hair reaches just past her collar bone, decorated with a feather and three different colored strings. She shows a very bad burned scar on the right side of her face, which has caused the eye to dull its glow and fog, her right eyebrow is barely growing back. Lee is very well built for a Sentinel, her height along with her lean muscle makes her look to be built like a tank, however do not over estimate her strength. Though she can lift an adult Hippogryph with ease or drag a Jormungar for miles, she is best using her gun, Pole-arm, or Glaive. However, even built as a body-builder, her robotic arm holds most rights to her strength. The dwarven piece of machinery takes up the length of her arm and holds her Glaive in the wrist. It was built to be strong enough to take hard blows and generally be used as a shield.

Personality and traits

Notes and references

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